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  1. So, I've taken the 2014 may test today and I want to ask your opinion on one thing. I don't know if I'm allowed to speak about the specifics, but generally, I included a study in a SAQ which name and year for it was completely forgotten and didn't pop out. I just stated that a study conducted had this this method and that result. Assuming I've done well with the other criteria, would that still give me a decent mark for criteria A? Thanks in advance! #Edited Also if anybody know how to answer "Examine the concept of normality and abnormality", please help me. I'm having trouble seeing how to i
  2. Woooooow. Thats not good. I mean I don't think you can do anything about it anyways. I wish you the best of luck man.
  3. If your IA was sent for moderation, then they would probably give you the mark as given by the moderator right? So it shouldn't be an issue. Or did i get this wrong? haha
  4. Its so hard to see how long you should write but what I always do in SAQs is the following. Intro: Definitions and brief explanation of concepts Body: Couple of sentences outlining the concepts whilst connecting it to the study Introduce study in a sentence. Another sentence or two to explain procedure. Another to show the results and findings. Another to connect it back to the concept. End it with a concluding statement or the previous sentence would've been enough. I would repeat this if the question asks for two stuff (like neurotransmitters or in this case, principles.) That should be goo
  5. I feel like that will give you a really good mark unless the essay is out of focus. But I also feel that they are too long at the same time because if you divide the two sections, it would be an hour each. For section A you would have to write 1500 words within an hour about three different topics. Maybe its because of my handwriting but I would probably never be able to write that fast. I suggest you to try the entire test within two hours and see how far you will get through. If you can write 2500 words in total within 2 hours, I think that should be great! Btw, theres no need to answer more
  6. Google M13/3/PSYCH/HP1/ENG/TZ1/XX this. Modify them as you need different papers.
  7. Do you have any past papers? Use the code on top left and modify it so that its the paper you want and search it online. Shouldn't take time to figure it out.
  8. You got both equations wrong my man. how do i attach an image on this thing. I did it on paper but I couldn't post any image on this thing. Anyways... The first equation is v^2=u^2-2as You want to isolate s so... simply v^2-u^2=2as and s=(v^2-u^2)/2a Then speed = distance/time You want time so isolate... time=distance/speed And you will get 0.35. Just be careful with units since 90km/h is not m/s but you've nailed that one [:
  9. In our school, we were told to organize in the following order; 1. Details about myself (name, candidate number etc.) 2. Title, Author, Publication dates. 3. Context 4. Content 5. Thesis 1. Self explanatory 2. Self explanatory 3. Any historical or cultural context regarding the author and the time, place and location of publication or purpose of the text. Ex. We had an IOC about 1984 by George Orwell. I spoke about how Orwell went though numerous wars such as the Spanish Civil War, Nazis and Fascism in WWII, and Corruption in Indian Police (not really war), and saw th
  10. I see that her ethical restrictions were completely removed due to her strong emotions but I can't see clear point where her reason or perception was hindered due to emotion. Were there anything like.... she sees something suspicious (husband being secretive with his phone, she scents a woman's perfume from the husband etc). These can then lead you to the cycle stated in the Laagemat's textbook; strong emotion leads to biased perception leads to fallacious reasoning and so on. But if there's nothing like that, I don't think you can go through emotion influencing other ways of knowings with t
  11. I am in the same situation with you as I dont have any CAS projects but I have fulfilled all my hours. But I heard stories from other schools that students in their school never even heard of CAS projects. Same goes with the post above by Thrashmaster. He seems to not even heard about it. So I kinda assumed that cas projects aren't IB requirements? I mean searched "cas project" in the guideline (http://www.holyhearthigh.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/CAS-Guide.pdf) but nothing came soooooooooooooo..... hopefully Ill pass. haha
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