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  1. Quick question for anyone here; I've finished the IB, but my cousin is about to start it. Am I allowed to show him my IA for reference? Like those examples we got before doing ours?
  2. Hey, I did Benford's law for my IA This may be a bit late, since I only saw your post now, but in my case I had to include the way they derived Benford's law in the first place, which involved integrating probabilities. I did HL, and since I have no clue what your level is I'm not sure if you need that, ask your teacher. Do mind that my teacher told me it was only appropriate as I hadn't done integration at the time I gave in my final version (towards end of G11... we were slow) and was at a sufficient sophistication for HL as I had to basically teach myself a part of integration, she noted t
  3. Look through their international qualifications area on admissions requirements for the course. If they don't have such an area, or the IB is not listed in the area, e-mail them about it. Do make sure to look through the website thoroughly before that though, unis aren't in general happy if you ask them questions that are answered on their website. Those unis should have IB requirements on their website.
  4. Complex numbers with mathematical induction was to prove De Moivres Theorem, I think. You can't expect us to memorize the questions, there were all the concepts there, just put in different questions and forms. Wait until the papers are released.
  5. Don't focus on just one subject a day; you get sick of it and lose all motivation for it. Try to limit yourself to smaller stretches per subject, it works better. Also, you should make a regimen to work such and such amount of time, and then have an accordingly long break, helps a lot. Don't worry that much; despite these being more important, teachers in general are generous in predicting (as they influence your uni choices) and the exam itself isn't anywhere near as hard as the actual finals as you have only about 2/3- 1/2 the material worrying makes it all just a bit worse.
  6. Went pretty well, I guess. P2 was a dream for me, p3 not so much, I messed up on definitions (I was so sleep deprived for geo and comp science, couldnt think) but I think the 12 mark one i did well.
  7. Wait seriously? Link please? And good luck for Geo just memorize as many case studies for p2 i think, but I'm SL so what do I know lol. David Kroell I think we were allowed the pseudocode booklet in the exam, but my IB coordinator didn't know so we didn't get it. I only found out later. I think most people didn't know about it either.
  8. I think 70% may be too low because as far as i know, it has never happened before, not even during the last syllabus change in 2008. But who knows? maybe this year is super super special If that's so it would really, really suck. I was thinking we need to know how to do that recurrence relation. Maybe we were supposed to be able to, but if it was an inhomogeneous one (and my tb specifically said there were only homogeneous ones) then it shouldn't count. If it goes extremely terrible for all of us maybe they will make an exception? I don't know, the paper was just really bad.
  9. FINALLY ONE OTHER PERSON! I did geo as well although my geography was after comp science, not before. Led to me being brain-dead for geo instead
  10. So you coded a stack just for this? Pretty impressive, under that time limit. I think the examiners should take it, as long as it does it there is no reason for them not to, and tbh even if you missed 40 marks you'd get 60%, so there is no way you got lower than a 6 I think (if a 6 is not >60%, not sure about that).
  11. Time Zones seem to be really weird this year, Greece had TZ1 while Central Europe had TZ2 with Asia for Physics, so it's possible you had the same paper! I at least had the same one as you guys lol. I did the one with soil degradation as well, but my essay writing skills had deserted me there I had an exam before that so I was sorta drained. Knew my case studies though, hopefully those will do the explanations for me. The one about global warming I just went full Physics because they wanted energy flows no idea if they will appreciate it though, its not that physics intensive. The short answ
  12. I found the Queue the hardest one not because the thing itself was hard, but because I couldn't wrap my head around what they wanted. They said they wanted code to do that stuff, but I was thinking that the whole code is run when he flicks the lever, but that makes no sense since that would reload everything in the queue again instead. I did decide to do two methods later on but I didn't finish that as I went back to it in the end The H thing was really weird, but in the end I did a recursive sequence with the base case being size = 5, which would have been when the size was divided by 2 twi
  13. I have no idea how many of you do comp science, but how did it go? I found it ok., I guess. Section A could have been better, they asked the most obscure definitions imo (the syllabus mentions autonomous agents once, which I didn't pick up on) and was very, very different from the specimen. No dry run or truth tables either, both of which I was hoping to score easy marks on. I guess it went ok though, bsed a lot though so I'm not sure if I'll get full marks on the questions I answered How did you guys feel about the queue question? I felt so lost, I had no idea what they wanted me to construc
  14. Well, you could have proven by contradiction by just giving them any number that wasn't prime but n = 41 makes more sense. You probably did better than me, I did really badly with the proofs so I doubt I got anything good, I had been thinking that the modulo and diophantine equations would come up and had madly revised those as I had forgotten them, which turned out to be useless.
  15. Look. If you don't want sympathy, if you don't want help, what was the point of this thread? Your attitude seems arrogant and if I'm understanding your point right (which is hard as I don't unfortunately understand what you're saying the whole time) you're saying the mother is lucky that her child died defending Palestine. What kind of messed up mentality is that? A person died, we offer our condolences, and you mock us. Israel and Palestine aren't the only areas of the world like this. DRC, Kenya, among others, are other countries with similar unreported problems. The world unfortunately jus
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