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  1. I did Environmental and Industry. Environmental was okay - I also said adding lime (CaO) would neutralise, but I didn't write any equations. I didnt study enough for Option C and I didnt know the phenol-methanal question. Overall I think I did the best in this paper out of all 3 papers.
  2. I did both imprecise and inaccurate
  3. How did you guys find it? I'm pleased with paper 1, though some questions were tricky. Paper 2 was rather hard - section A was the hardest for me. Then section B was okay - I did Q5 and Q8. Did anyone do the isomers of PCl3Br2? what were they?
  4. I did E and H too! I'm really happy with paper 3, I knew all the answers, maybe in option H a little bit better than in option E.
  5. What was the answer for the genetics pedigree chart question in paper 1? I couldn't work it out - I guessed it's dominant allele. Even the question about the flies and the deviation from the expected 9:3:3:1 ratio, I didn't know the answer - I chose crossing over but I think it's wrong. I suck at genetics
  6. Did anyone do Q6 in Section B? I was unsure what they were looking for when they asked to outline how and where plants store energy. I talked about source cells, sink cells, phloem vessel, and converting glucose into starch. For DNA replication I was debating between C and D ( I don't remember why I discarded answers A and B) but I chose C ( the one with 3-5 and anti parallel strand) mainly because of the term "antiparallel". I also chose the neurotransmitter at synapses because when an action potential is generated, Na goes in and K goes out, but they don't do it simultaneously, and the ans
  7. Yeah, I deduced quite a lot of answers in paper 1 by eliminating the wrong ones - mainly in genetics because I did know the answers. I had a feeling that there was 1 or 2 questions which had more than 1 correct answer. For example, the question on why the body shivers - I was debating between involuntary muscle contractions when body is too cold or to generate heat. Aren't both answers correct? I chose to generate heat. Regarding the role of water in LDR, I talked about photolysis and outlined the entire LDR reaction.
  8. How did you guys find it? I'm really happy with my performance Think I got a 7. Only thing that bugged me is how much genetics they included in paper 1 and in paper 2! I didnt study that topic really well. But overall I found both papers easy. Which questions did you do in section B? I did Q6 and Q7.
  9. How did you guys find paper 2? I think it was harder than the previous years, but the questions were manageable. However, since they were much harder than usual, they took twice the time I usually need to work them out. So I ended up leaving 2 questions out in section A - the sequences question and probability. The trigonometry question was nasty - took me 20 minutes to finally work it out - hopefully I got the right value of r (approx 6cm?) The vectors question in section B was a gift, even Q10 was fairly easy except for the last sub-question. Then since I suck at probability, Q9 was my pitfa
  10. I was expecting paper 1 to be much harder, to be honest. I only had a problem with Q9, because I couldnt find g(4). So I left it out. But then at home I worked it out and got g(4) = 5. Also in Q10 I didnt realise that h' = f'g +g'f (product rule) and simply said h' = f'g'. Such a stupid mistake! Cost me 8 marks
  11. Thank you for your response, but that was not my question. My question was if the part a) was "-pi". I do understand that part b) was 3pi, but since area is absolute integration that does not make any difference because it would cause the "-pi" to be turned into "pi". My question was, and remains, if the answer to a) was -pi. As i said, the question asked for INTEGRATION, which is negative when below the x axis. Therefore if one were to find the area, but look for the integration, one would have to consider the negative result. Nevertheless I am not sure about the answer, hence why I am asking
  12. Finally the 24hrs are up; I've been dying to ask you guys your opinion on paper 3. I was counting on it to be easy, to make up for my massacre in paper 2, but I was let down. Am I the only one who found Astrophysics super-duper hard? It was nothing like the past papers! I also did medical physics, which was okay apart from the x-ray question, got really confused.
  13. Same here. I'm really confident with paper 1, think I did really well. Paper 2 on the other hand... What the heck was question A6?! And I hated the pairing in section B. Did B1 and B4.
  14. Did English SL TZ2. I chose the poem, but I found it hard to write about it because it was so plain and modern. The guiding questions bothered me, I spent too much time trying to find what contributed to the humour. Then in paper 2, I did Q7, talked about Bluest Eye, Awakening and Scarlett Letter. I think I did better in paper 2 actually
  15. I also chose B1 and B4! I think B4 was the easiest out of all the Section B questions. I regret choosing B1, because I had little time left and only did half of it. When I first saw section A I was dumbfounded! Some questions were embarrassingly easy (like the thermal question and the falling ball in well) but A6 was a complete mystery to me. I couldn't calculate the force, because I thought they didn't give us enough details, such as the strength of the magnetic field. What do you guys think? Oh and Paper 1 was a gift
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