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  1. HL: ITGS English Business SL: Math French Chemistry So no engineering or stuff of the sort.
  2. Hey I asked a similar question yesterday and got pretty good responses. Check it out. The title was: This is mainly to IB Alumnis. It's on my content. Hope it helps Good luck!
  3. Alright thank you you guys. I also wanted to ask, how should I study this holiday? Should I strive to cove all my content again in revision or past papers or any thing else that would help? How did you spend your IB1 holiday? Like did you have a timetable?
  4. How should I study this summer holiday? Like what should I do to ensure I get 40 points by the end of IB2?
  5. I really want to achieve: 7s in ITGS (HL) Business (HL) English (HL) Chemistry (SL). and 6s in Math (SL) French (SL). I'm at the end of IB1 and I feel so down because my grades are just so all over the place. Could you tell me general tips on what I should do to achieve this particular grades? IS it even possible?
  6. I just wanted to ask, what are the main. broad areas for the ITGS EE?
  7. How difficult is it to get into Warwick? Haven't done so well this first year but I've been getting better and better point totals. Could I be rejected on that basis?
  8. I don't know what to take at uni level. You guys know of possible choices? I take at HL: English, ITGS and Business&Management. SL: Math, Chemistry and French.
  9. Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi, Kenya.
  10. My business IA entire first draft is due on Friday. I changed the company to my dad's today. Think I'll make it?
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