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  1. paper 1 was alright, but I made a lot of bad mistakes. Did a really dumb thing when I forgot that 1/6 is 6^-1. Also the last vector equation was really confusing. The collision happens at whatever position. It asks 'How long does Ryan's airplane take off after Jack's airplane?', but I swear Ryan's plane took off first..................... Also couldn't figure out how to do the last question to find q. (lnq^2 + 5) - (ln5 + 5) = ln7. square root 65 seems like a suitable answer. Just hoping I get a 5, praying to god I get a 6 overall.
  2. I thought Paper 3 was more difficult than Paper 2 and 1 for TZ2, but that was pretty much my fault for cram studying on the day.
  3. Yeah it seems valid since it is part of memory. You've just got to state that the cognitive process as memory.
  4. TZ2 paper 1 I talked about the principle 'Animal Research can provide insight in human behavior', forgot what the cognitive question was, and for the stereotypes I talked about stereotype threat on verbal performance ability, not entirely confident in that one, just used Steele and Aronson. All hail the lord I knew all of the 22 mark questions, talked about flashbulb memory. I was panicking before paper 2, but thank god they had the learning outcomes I studied for and actually remembered.
  5. How did you do the last question about measuring current? I didn't know how to use the mass per unit length... I tried to use F = BIL but i got nowhere. I was super confident in my paper 1 TZ2 but afterwards I went through the book and realized I got quite a bit wrong.
  6. Yep. I talked about the overall development of nostalgia and how the first memory moment was a representation of his adolescence and how he possibly dislikes the memory of it, and this in combination with the second section portrays the hardship he went through during this period. In the last section of the poem I talked about how he appreciates the serene nostalgic moment in the diner, and the ending line to the poem conveys the perpetual thoughts of better days he now has in heaven.
  7. Don't think I did as well as paper 1 unseen. Answer the presentation and importance of minor characters in A Streetcar Named Desire and The Importance of Being Earnest. Was going to talking about light and sound but could only talk about it in A Streetcar Named Desire and none of the other texts I studied.
  8. Sorry, but I just wanted to ask if you commented on the repetition of 'After...' at the beginning of some of the sentences? If you did, how do did you go about addressing the repetition? Thanks! Just really need some insight into how people interpret repetition.
  9. it's so small i cant even see anything, it's blurry even when i download and zoom in
  10. Not really what I was looking for but thanks anyways.
  11. I just wanted to ask, how would I go about answering a question like 'Discuss the use of technology in investigating cognitive processes'? Technology would be brain-imaging technology and cognitive processes would be memory, but i'm unsure how to actually discuss this question. I don't know how I would use my studies effectively. The studies that I would use would be Draganski (2004), Wager et al (2008) and Maguire (2000). In this question would I be mainly concentrating on the strengths or weaknesses of using brain-imaging technology? Thanks.
  12. 66% to 100% is level 7 based on 2013 examiners report. However, that is bound to increase this year.
  13. Do IB moderators check on the word count? Or do they just go by the stated word count and their observations of whether or not the essay is too long?
  14. First of all you should research on the ideas you have on EE topics as it helps to understand whether or not there is breadth in the amount of information you look at. Secondly, you should discuss ideas with you EE supervisor on whether or not they are suitable for an EE question.
  15. I had a talk with one of the Higher Education people at my school, and asked them about the guaranteed commonwealth supported places. She pretty much said that it's a pretty simple process in which once you obtain the cut-off score you're pretty much guaranteed a spot.
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