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  1. English A Literature SL 5 Spanish Ab SL 6 Psychology HL 5 Economics HL 4 Chemistry HL 3 Maths Studies SL 5 EE C TOK D I may have only got 28 points but seeing as the past 2 years no one passed at my college im over the moon !!!!! Shocked with Psychology tho, myt get that and TOK remarked but im so chuffed to pass
  2. We only got taugh modern analytical for paper 3 as we all wanted to do different options. In the end none of us did modern analytical in the exam because she doesnt teach us right. With chemistry being my worst subject, I taught myself drugs and medicine aswell as food chemistry and the questions which came up were great =] but I buggered up in naming the class of drug. food chemistry questions were rather straight forward but I had no idea what the malliards reaction was so i wrote nonesense for it, hoping this paper pulls my grade up as paper 2 was awful!
  3. Paper 1 went much better than it did in my mock exam in my opinion some of the questions were rather simple and others took time. Paper 2 was a nightmare!!!!! We were never taught topic 11 on uncertainties so basically we lost marks there then the calculations were just worded confusingly so we were all screwed. AND worst of all our lecturer told us that their would be a big organic and a big transition metal question because there has been in the past 3 years.But only a big organic came up meaning we automatically lost 25 marks from the whole paper :/ I did question 6 in section B and I coul
  4. That paper 2 was not nice for TZ2. Question 1 was easy enough to do. Question 2, we had no idea what the pearsons co-efficient is as we had never been taught it so their was no way we could get any of the 8 marks on offer :/,, Question 3 was rather simple but I panicked at proving the length of the line but could do everything else in that question. I had no idea question 4 was a sequence and series question until the last minute, so my paper reads like 120+130+... and so on for most of it :L. Question 5 was just horrible. I'm praying for the best but know the worst is to come =[
  5. Papers 1 & 2 for Psychology were the best I could of asked for apart from discuss cultural dimensions which I just wrote jibberish for but all in all it went pretty good =} Paper 3 was my worst paper just writing down things which I thought was completely wrong but it turned out not to be =] im hoping the grade boundaries are low for this year =]
  6. Paper 1 was the worst paper I have ever seen!!!! The only thing that came up that I wanted was the theory of the firm part from question one but apart from that the paper was dreadful! I didnt even bother with that table and did the other 2 on linear supply and demand and CPI =] Burning those econ notes will be the best feeling ever :]
  7. I did the SL Lit TZ2 paper =] I did the poem as I had no idea what the prose was all about. I thought that the poet was portray tourists to be rather a self centered person but also just the average type of person because of how it ended. For the humour part i mentioned the rhetorical questions and the dress sense of the tribe and how it made the reader imagine the situation and as I had no idea what a knickerbocker was I assumed it was a type of funny clothing thus adding humour allowing us to relate to the poets experience. I aslo mentioned how it was a stream of conciousness letting us know
  8. Yea, the guided questions were awful! Spent half the time figuring out what to write :/ Thank god its over tho =]
  9. Yea the past papers were much more difficult than the exam as well as the specimen paper being similar to the exam
  10. i sit IB in scotland which is in the UK in Europe and we sit TZ2 papers so europe and asia is maybe that zone and america is TZ1
  11. The English A1 TZ2 SL paper was actually okay, my friend and I both avoided the prose section because it looked rather complicated. The poem was much easier to understand and read however it was more difficult to find techniques within the poem as they weren't really that obvious :/ Wrote about 5 pages but I don't know if anything I wrote made sense :/
  12. These two papers were by far much better than paper 1. Paper 3 was a god send as linear demand and supply is by far the easiest to do. I did question 1 and 2. In question one I had no idea what to say for ad valorum tax as we had never looked at that as well in question 2 never been taught how to do the index in clas. Thankfully I bought the OSC book for paper three and thankfully learned how to do the indexing. I actually believe my paper 3 will pull my grade up aswell as paper 2 because i could actually answer them =] Im so glad economics is all over an ill never have to do it again =]
  13. I did the TZ2 paper and it was completly awful! I answered question 1 in micro on the basis that that I know theory of the firm of the top of my head and spent forever on it to get all the marks as I knew nothing for part a. For macroeconomics, I paniced and had no idea what to write about and just wrote down anything economical that came to mind =[ Safe to say paper 1 = Fail for me
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