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  1. Hey guys, I'm in a very similar position in maths HL TZ2. I did the discrete option and got 75% overall. I highly doubt the grade boundary for paper 3 that you posted above is a 7 since that is ridiculously high, usually it is around 42-46 (in discrete) and I got 45 which was a 6 not a 7. The highest it has ever been in discrete is 77% which was last year and previously it was around 74% so I doubt it is higher than 77%... Did anyone do discrete and get above 75%? I'd be interested to see if we can figure out the grade boundary!
  2. I do option C too! Thought my school was the only one haha. I completely misread the first question which is annoying, but I wrote you add NaOH anyway which I think is right to make the alumina act as an acid
  3. I got C10H20O as well and that's the right formula for menthol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menthol
  4. Yeah that meniscus stuff was weird... Did not like that at all... I also wrote random error but it was a complete guess. My friend wrote human error which could actually be right... If anyone did the orgo question, I thought the one where you had to find the molecular formula of menthol was such a smart question. Took me a while but I got it. Did anyone do the HF question? That's the only one I had no idea about...
  5. Literally realised the quadratic thing like 3 minutes before the end of the exam... I got the concentration for HI but ran out of time for I2 and H2... But I asked my chem teacher who is a senior examiner (1 of 4 or something like that) and he said in the past they had a whole question that was wrong and they just gave marks to everyone or gave full credit for showing some understanding or something like that (I'm talking like a decade ago though...)
  6. Yeah, me and my friend both had the exact same issue. Relativity is hard to get your head around, but with this they just seemed to re-reverse things. The proton acceleration was painful too - I ended up with a speed of 1.71c O oh...
  7. I dunno, that does not really reflect the questions of the pastpapers. Also a range of 16 seems to be more realistic to be the answer than 6.16 imo. Well who knows, i feel like i messed up on the second part because i answered 28 instead of 2790, maybe i just forgot. I think this is another example of how IB wrote the paper so confusingly this year, because I got puzzled at that part too. I went with what MylakIB did since they said "variance 9.5 years^2", so I thought the SD would be sqrt(9.5) years. EDIT: Actually, I just thought about it and maybe by that they meant variance = (9.5 years
  8. I did geo of Food and Health and the Freshwater options. Could not have gone better!! Anyone know characteristics (or properties or whatever it asked) of natural levees?
  9. Does anyone in the world do Discrete maths? I do... It's not hard, but it's just so unpredictable because the syllabus is so vague so you can get anything from impossible proofs to advanced drawing If anyone else does discrete I'd love to know how you're studying
  10. I did the orgo one. Also acids and bases one. Section A was tough but doable. I also wrote imprecise and inaccurate. I'm pretty sure it's inaccurate since like @IB-Adam said, it increases exponentially and the mean wasn't even the same value (I think). I'm just not sure about the precision since that's pretty subjective, although I just compared it to the given value which had three sig figs so I thought compared it's imprecise... Not too sure. Some questions: 1) What did you guys do for that question with HF and NH4F? 2) Do we all agree that the equilibrium question was off syllabus? Since yo
  11. I don't think you're right because here the problem was y^2 = sin2x + c so y= +- sqrt(sin2x + c) but no matter what your value for c, it wont change the sign in front of the sqrt... I agree with your previous example, but multiplication and addition do not work in the same way. besides c has to be smaller than sin2x here. So both functions are still valid. This question had to be more clear, they'll definitely award marks for whatever you wrote so I souldn't worry. The IB makes mistakes quite often. I just continued the question with the positive one since it didn't make much sense to continue
  12. Astro was fine. I was just surprised they expected us to remember the temperature of spectral class M - luckily I read it the night before. Did anyone do relativity? I'm pretty sure the simultaneity question only worked if the train is inside the tunnel not approaching... Anyone get this problem?
  13. I said it does too, because volcanoes make sulphur compounds which act as greenhouse gases and also increase CO2, so surely they do no? EDIT: (It looks like we were right: look here and here ) I was just shocked by the exponential question (A1). I said it wasn't but apparently it was "within error". Anyone else get that? Also if anyone did B3, the CCD question was pretty tricky.
  14. I did this one for Wuthering heights and the great gatsby! Who did you say the unpleasant character is in GG? I said Gatsby is morally corrupt yet the reader views him as positive and I used an example with Tom as well
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