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  1. The only thing I can advice for Math HL is to take your time with it. Give this subject a suitable amount of time to study and to revise the days' work. Try to ALWAYS concentrate on this subject and not leave it behind because of other projects or work because if you lose track, you are gonna struggle (speaking from experience). As a personal hint, always try to work with past papers and exercises from the textbook. Trust me, they work like a charm and will help you gain good marks in any test or final. Knowing and learning to apply the techniques is an integral part of Maths. BTW I am a IB Gr
  2. Well I don't know if this is a common problem with ITGS students but I guess students do get the feeling that this is somewhat a very vague subject I am writing in two days and have absolutely no clue what I should study. Anyone have any recommendations on particular parts to focus on? I really don't think I can remember every single thing from the Computer Confluence text book, it is just ... a bit too much for me Your help will be very much appreciated
  3. You guys are making me depressed. None of the two papers went well for me. Here is my review: Paper 1 Question 1 and 2: Really? You trying to insult my intelligence? Question 3 - 40: WTFPWNED!! Overall comment: Screwed. 75% of my paper was guessed and I doubt the ones I was confident about were right. Paper 2 5 min reading time: Ahhh this paper seems so ez! Upon approaching problems and ten mins into the exam: ....Ehm I just flipped through the whole paper, wth happened to my paper! Overall Comment: Screwed x 2. The only question I am sure sure about is the first question ... and thats abo
  4. Chose the first question. The one about character motivation or something. Was tricky in the sense that half the stuff I talked about was confusing lol. Did anyone find that general questions this around were much more better? I was confused if I should do those but my English teacher said I should stay away from them.
  5. Having an upset stomach during examination time. Trust me, it is one of the worst things to happen even if it is during a normal test. It feels as if someone just slowed down time momentarily. Happened to me once during an Afrikaans test, damn it felt like I took a plunge into a swimming pool of my own sweat (disgusting imagery I know ) Word of Advice: Took a poop before you leave for exams
  6. Well I am doing French Ab initio and maybe I can help. To be honest from my point of view, it is not as hard but not as easy as well. When I entered my first class we got told that we have to learn 5 years worth of work studied in IGCSE levels in the course of two years. In the beginning it may seem hard since you have to get used to rules, learning how to form sentences, reading, learn vocabulary etc. But once you get the drift it should be fine, just be prepared to work really hard in the first few months. I would advice you taking, if possible, extra Spanish lessons before you start doing i
  7. The last two questions on P1 Section B was worth 31 marks I think. I just know I lost all of that plus the vector algebra stuff I didn't even get the simple conjecture on the first question in Section B I agree with the person above, that paper was HELL! =( I wish I just get a 4. I would be shocked if I do, damn. Paper 2, very doable but then again you don't know IB d-_-b You think you did well coz you got to answer most of the questions and then you get sucker punched for thinking too much and end up failing. Sigh
  8. Same, doing the Series and Differential Equations one. I believe its somewhat a better option than the rest don't you think? We all are relying on that At times like this, I really wish I was a nerd
  9. Okay paper 1 was utter ... yeah you guys should know what I mean. Thinking how I would be amazed with a 4 on that paper d0_0b On the other hand, paper 2 was not that bad. I agree that it was completely doable. Hopefully paper 3 will be a heaven sent gift and not a hell sent one like P1 d-_-b. All eyes set on the last paper now.
  10. Greetings fellow IB'ers Basically my TOK final draft is due next week Friday so currently giving the essay a few finishing touch ups. I haven't been working on it for quite some time because after getting my first draft checked, I just left it to focus on my other drafts. Upon reading and correcting the text, I thought about how the essay should be structured in order to make it more effective to the reader. I wrote on the topic "To what extent is the truth different in mathematics, the arts and the ethics?" My current format is actually answering the question in the first part of my essay t
  11. Ah yes, swapping the research question around seems like a very reasonable approach. Thank you for your reply. Before I came upon the Sun and Moon motifs in the book topic, I was thinking about how the surroundings affect the characters (similar to your personal view towards the Outsider), but then I realised having a cap of only 1500 words, it would have been vague essay since I would not be able to dive in-depth. That is how I came upon the Sun and Moon. Blood Wedding by Lorca is a like a short play and the instance of the Moon comes for a short period. The Moon is actually personified as a
  12. Greetings to all. As the topic title suggests, it is about my World Literature 1 essay research question. Finding it kinda a pain to find a specified topic that can be compared from the three books I had to read (Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi, Blood Wedding by Lorca and The Outsider/Stranger by Albert Camus) I did finally come up with a topic but I fear if it can be a "comparative" question to write on. I am kindly asking for your views and comments on my topic. The topic is: "The Role of the Sun and Moon in The Outsider by Albert Camus and Blood Wedding by Garcia Lorca" The problem h
  13. If I pass my IB really well can I go striaght to second year university? Has anyone done it?
  14. My school has this thing that we cannot do CAS for something that we already know/ have done before, like I can't take tennis for action since I already play it. So I am doing Teakwondo for my Action. Since I am learning a new skill as well as doing the kicks and stances, which falls under exercise, so can I get hours for both Creativity and Action or not? Master Oz.
  15. [quote name='biochem' post='36082' date='Feb 8 2009, 09:58 PM']I honestly, to tell you the truth, as your adviser would reject all of them Even with the last one, which comes in some proximity to what a real topic should look like, the topic is quiet broad and extensive to cover in mere 4,000 words. And from what I have been instructed, never try to repeat a topic or one already researched. That is an already researched topic, and as IBO states in their guidelines for Bio/Chem, they dont care for topics like "Investigation of Carbon as a allotrope". My advice is stay awa
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