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  1. Where are you going to study in Toronto and for what? I'm going to Toronto too! University of Toronto for Poli-Sci, but I'm applying to International Relations second year. I'm going UofT Mississauga campus for Visual Studies, by the sounds of the nightlife in Mississauga I may well be downtown as often as possible though
  2. Depends on the definition of knowledge itself to be honest. Many religious people believe they "know" what happens after you die, etcetera, because of their faith. They genuinely feel a divine presence in themselves, which is some sort of knowledge in itself. Knowledge is not just being able to recite facts, it's also about the immaterial, for which faith as a way of knowing would be perfectly suited.
  3. A month of irresponsible behavior with my mates here in England, including Download Festival WOO, before jetting off to South Korea for a month to visit family, then off to Toronto to begin university life.. apologies in advance, Mr. Liver.
  4. Sounds really good, make sure you can make personal connections with it in some way (not suggesting you have a mental illness lol) - for instance, if a family member has been afflicted by something that would fit, you could do a portrait of them and skew it in some way. My art teacher said a great topic is one that can be stretched and fleshed out as much as possible while relating to you personally, and sounds like you could do both with your theme. Also as a sidenote, even if your teacher says to aim for 40 pages, you should try to do more than that. As you work faster and more fluidly, it w
  5. There's no set number, but if you write a solid amount it should be in the 30s (from personal experience). Mine went to 38 sources overall, I think. It's no big deal if you have less sources than that for the same amount of text though, since that should correlate to a higher density of historical analysis and evaluation, which is a much greater part of the marking of the essay than how many sources you have. It's no big deal really, as long as you source every fact and date you use, you will find you naturally begin to rack up the sources.
  6. That also sounds a little off-kilter... I'd rephrase it more to read like: "To what extent did Adolf Hitler's charisma win the loyalty and support of the German peoples?" or "How important was Hitler's charisma in gaining the loyalty.." etc. It sounds like a good, albeit quite common, topic. Make sure you define and compare other factors that contributed to his attainment of popularity, such as his economic policy which created jobs, social policy such as the Hitler Youth which brainwashed a generation and built a foundation for future loyalty, and the likes. Good luck with it, and if you have
  7. Ability to teleport into my already warm bed at any time, including during lessons and exams, with no consequences. Being able to produce Nutella from my palms and rub it all over my face and lips. Guns, bombs, and anyone who knows how to make them all disappear. Back to bows and arrows! (Cmon what kind of genie could grant world peace anyways) Ability to fire lasers out of my eyeballs. (Who doesn't want that?) Go back in time to prevent the rises of Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco and Lil Wayne. Photographic memory! Uninvent procrastination.
  8. Surely doing Economics at HL would be better in terms of your future university choices than Film? From what I hear from other schools, it's quite a hard subject to take, so if you do you will need to dedicate a lot of time to it.. I know it's hard, but never ever EVER pick a subject because you like the teacher. It's not what's best for you in the long run - I picked history even though my favorite history teacher was not teaching the IB, and I am still almost certain I will come out with a 7 at HL. Trust me, picking the subject rather than the teacher is a much better idea, and your relation
  9. Errrrrr nah I don't. I can't even use sewing machines and they do it for you, haha. NP has consumed caffeine within the last 24 hours
  11. In case you were addressing me directly with that last part, I'm not trying to force my atheism onto anyone, merely trying to convey my own view of the debated topic. Obviously bending someone's views through coercion is a horrible thing that I'd never condone, but sometimes people don't listen, or resort to in their own arguments, reason. Also, yeah, that was quite a brash assertion I made, but you got my point nonetheless. Here's my question to you: why give people a Church instead of a homeless shelter, a belief in divine intervention instead of the means to become self sufficient? A lot of
  12. Equally is it not morally correct to help others in need if you are able to? I think that's why Marxist ideals gained popularity in the first place - because of huge class stratification in feudalistic states. The rich are extremely rich, the poor are extremely poor, and Communism is an immediate solution, the redistribution of wealth bringing everyone closer to a median. I don't think Communism will ever work again in our time - not necessarily because of greed or anything like that, since I believe if a Communist system were prosperous enough for everyone to have enough to live in comfort th
  13. I am not blaming religion itself, it's the fact there are so many that lead to conflict. One universal faith would be much more understandable than various divisions in society that eternally conflict, due to the basis of their faiths. The only major religion that doesn't subscribe to a deity is Buddhism, and most agree that serious Buddhist practitioners are far more peaceful and nonaggressive than your average human being (obviously there have been conflicts between Buddhist and non-Buddhist states, but it has never been labelled as a religion-driven war). So yes, maybe you could be right in
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