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  1. Huh.. 'll see .. no I haven't retaken TOK since I got to know about the previously shown regulations yesterday.
  2. I retook my math exam this year's session, as I got 2. Furthermore, I got C for EE and E for TOK last year, since I took part in the May '14 session. Does the rules apply to me, which would actually mean that I'm failing the Diploma? It's so confusing ... PS I'm having 24 points now,
  3. Depends. If it's just for your ambition, I would think twice before making a decision. If it's for your first choice at university, then I would totally give it a try.
  4. Does anyone know when we get our grades back?
  5. Thanks mate, hope you're right edit; nope, nothing has changed
  6. I retook a subject and have not got any info yet... I can only see my grades from the last May session. They said 1200 hours GMT.. so weird
  7. So today the exam results has been issued, I suppose? I am a retaker and I have not noticed any changes on my account.
  8. Hi guys, Could you tell me what is the actual date of issuing our grades by IBO? Is it 5th or 6th of Jan? Cheers
  9. Hi peeps! Currently revising calculus and cannot find in my book (haese and harris) the thing my topic title is about. Does IB require from us this type of integration or is it actually a more advanced (university) level? Cheers!
  10. It all depends on where you're from, Astrid. You need to check at IBO's website schools that offer IB Diploma. Afterwards you take your mobile phone and call each school asking whether they hold nov exam session or not. I am taking it in Poland.
  11. Actually I am quite surprised with the feedback I got from you! I would never expect such a good response. Not only it boosted my confidence but also it helped me understand all the thiings around that sh*t. I really liked your story and I do appreciate your effort! If you lived nearby I would like to have a pint with you. Cheers mate!
  12. High five guys! Unfortunately I managed to fail this year's Math HL exam that I took in May. I have already singed up for a retake in Nov session, however some thoughts cannot get off my mind. Namely I scored 2 and my question is if it is possible to get a really high mark or at least above 5 taking my case into consideration? I know I have to study hard ( that's what I'm working on ). We all know if something is within our reach, we strive for achieving the goal. The thing is that I'd like to know if I have any chances of achieving mine. It helps a lot.. I mean mentally, you feel secure an
  13. I've done everything in calculus. The question appeared as one of suggestions for IA that my teacher hand us out. The thing is I don't know what to start with.
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