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  1. I think that you should try to focus on one culture and also some songs of a specific artist/artists too. That way I believe that the history/music part would be shortened and you could focus much more on the language part. Of course you'd have to do a lot of research on the history as well to be able to answer your research question "how effective it was". It's a good topic, however I do agree with Thrashmaster, you're walking on a fine line between history and language...
  2. Physics SL is a perfectly manageable subject, compared to Physics HL, since it's syllabus is much shorter. For those like me who took physics simply because they had to chose a science randomly and is of no use to them in Uni, it was quite good. Regarding Art SL, I was Art HL myself, however the workload is still quite high compared to other SL subjects in my opinion, and if it's not going to be of any use to you in the future i suggest you to not bother yourself with it. My school didn't offer Psychology so I really don't have any experience with the subject whatsoever. I do agree with
  3. One of my classmates in IB Visual Arts who was the only HL student with me wanted to either study architecture or engineering in Uni, and I believe it is useful for Architecture courses, specially if you chose architecture or a related theme for your artwork. However I suggest you to look at your University requirement, for some Universities it might be useful while for some others it might not.
  4. I do kind of agree with your friend regarding the fact that Art is indeed very subjective. I myself took Visual Arts HL and was quite disappointed with my results, however, it also depends on the amount of effort and time you put into it. Personally, I suggest you to take any other subject which will be useful to you in University. I always loved art, and put a lot of effort and time into it and it was my lowest score. I took the subject mainly because I wasn't offered any other subject that would be useful for me and my future career. However it's really up to you. I do strongly suggest
  5. I don't know much about German Universities to be honest, however my sister did study Business and Management in University when we moved to south america, and it didn't seem to be that intense for her. She's not a straight A student either, so it's not as if she put too much effort in it. However, it'd be good to ask anyone that has attended such courses in German Universities specifically. We had to later move back so she is now only getting a BA after almost 5 years of studying instead of the MA she was going to get, which is a big disappointment to her. Anyways, I suggest you to mainly
  6. English Lit (HL/SL) Persian Lit (SL only) Self-taught as well but usually it isn't popular in my school
  7. I went through the exact same problem last year. I had History SL and had to switch to Business and Management HL. As long as I know, IB Schools do not accept new students in IB2 since it's too much of a risk and students usually fail. The only reason why my school here accepted me as a 'transfer' IB Student it was because I moved before the school year (IB1) was over. So yeah, I had to give finals for an entirely new subject which was Business and Management HL. I also had to switch from Spanish Language and Literature HL to Spanish Literature SL (self-taught) which was an awful and dreadful
  8. Yes, it is. Just make sure that according to the category you are (A or B) you can write and elaborate enough about it on your Workbook. In my school, however, the teacher encourages us to work more on other media/techniques. She thinks that examiners might look at them as some sort of "I just wanted to fill my studioworks to the maximum number allowed" or something like that.
  9. Hey Hooman, I am an Iranian student studying Persian Literature A in Tehran Maybe I could help you with your questions regarding the subject (:
  10. Hey guys, I'm having a little bit of trouble with the Math IA since now we can choose our topics we can basically do anything. I first came up with the idea of fractals and had almost a clear idea of how to develop it, I talked to my math teacher and I was going to use sequences for Geometric Fractals or just linear algebra for Algebraic Fractals...however, I was browsing through the Math IA Topics on here and came across many threads related to fractals and many moderators told users not to chose Fractals as their Math IA topics. After looking for many other topics I finally decided to do it
  11. Hey guys, since IB2 is almost starting I'm worried about the fact that I just have almost no idea of what to do for my Extended Essay. I wanted to do it first for Visual Arts, but my arts teacher just didn't like any of my ideas. I even tried to do it for business focusing on Andy Wharhol's marketing strategies through his art (something like that, I was going to narrow it further) but neither the Business teacher nor the Visual Arts teacher seemed to be interested. So I finally decided to do it on my Language A2 subject: English (I'm HL by the way) After I read in the guide the 3 categories
  12. Hi (: I think dropping Math would be a better idea. When I moved here I had to chose my subjects again since my school doesn't offer World History HL, and had to chose between Business HL or Maths HL. First my coordinator chose Math as my HL but I switches to Bus since Math HL (in my opinion, and what my teacher told me) is not really hard but rather takes a lot of time. Still, in my IB classes everyone pretty much studies and gets almost straight As but only a few took Maths HL (since they didn't have any other options apparently). A lot of my classmates are HL in Chem and say it's way easi
  13. Hi guys...so today somebody told me we're doing the G4 project tomorrow .-. And my group totally changed their subject from the effect of illegal drugs to laser and other types of hair removal... I have a few questions: 1. How exactly is a Group 4 project done? (like a lab report?) 2. Are there any samples or examples Group 4 projects out there? (Can you post a link or a doc?) 3. Where is the physics in this? I supposed I could research on the laser something like wavelengths? I Googled and only found these two sites that somewhat explains the physics of laser hair removal but since i have n
  14. I just moved to Iran a few months ago. Before moving here I was in a Spanish speaking country so I had Spanish Language and Literature classes, now in my school here they only offer English and Persian Lit, so my IB Coordinator told me to take up self-taught Spanish Lit. Doing this means RE-DOING basically everything in IB2 (the second year) so I was wondering whether I could take self-taught language and literature instead of just Literature? (L+L is easier to me than just Lit) I'm SL by the way.
  15. Hey guys.... I need help. Could anyone pleeease tell me if it's possible to take up Self-taught Language and Lit classes? I recently moved to another country and My new IB Coordinator told me to self-study literature, but before I had Language and Literature, not only Literature (L+L is easier for me) so I checked the guide but couldn't find anything about self-taught students. So... is it possible?
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