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  1. Norwegian B, economics, mathematics sl, history, biology, English (novels)
  2. Hello, I just finished School and I am going to sell my IB books for really good price. If anyone is interested please send me message or ask any questions if interested. The books are in good condition.
  3. Oh, thanks to everyone for the help, really appreciate it good luck
  4. We did some old paper 3 exams. But I don't think we have done any paper 2, as this is my first time knowing about the categories
  5. Thanks . Will the categories be mentioned, or am I supposed to differentiate them?
  6. Hello, How many essays are we supposed to write for history paper 2 and history paper 3? And are we allowed to choose any of the questions, even though they are from the same topic? Good luck everyone
  7. Hello, As most of you may now history exam is on Wednesday. Do you guys know any study techniques and how to revise for this subject? Thank you, and good luck with the exams
  8. I used pen, hopefully it won't be a problem
  9. Ok. Thank you all for the feedback. Really appreciate it
  10. Thank you! Do you know any web-sites where old exams are available?
  11. Hello As many of you know, maths studies exam is next Thursday and I have no idea how to revise for the exam. My main concern is that I haven't been from the beginning of the course because I switched from standard level to studies. Therefore, I would appreciate any tips on how to revise for the exam (like important topics etc) thank you!
  12. Hi, I am having my English A1 exam, paper 2 on Friday. I am stuck and really really need help. We have studied three books; kiss of the spider woman, the yacoubian building and wuthering heights. I have no idea how to study for the exam and what to look for in these three books. Also, it would mean a lot if anyone could contribute or discuss (or give any idea) about these three books! And also any tips on how to write a good paper 2 I really need help Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  13. Hi, Does anyone know what knowledge we are required to know for paper 1 and paper 2? How are the different sections of economics divided in the exam (micro and macro, paper 1 and international and development, paper 2?) I really need to understand this before the exam! Thank you, and good luck with the exams!
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