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  1. I came across this old post.. Just wanted to say that French B was difficult and they didn't let me take ab initio as I had studied the language before. So finally, I'm doing Spanish ab initio and I'm loving it! And my spanish diction is way better than my french diction!
  2. Yes, I said that I'll make it more specific and narrow it down. I just wanted to know if the idea was fine. I will ask my supervisor.. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I have decided to write my extended essay in psychology. My area of research would basically be psychological disorders. I read in the guide that we should take our interests into consideration as well, and I love to watch films. So I was wondering that can "the depiction of psychological disorders in movies and other media" be my research topic? Because psychological thrillers is a very interesting genre. Of course I will make my research question more specific. But can this aspect be considered in a proper psychological research? Any suggestions, ideas or details are most welcome.. Thank
  4. I will be marked on knowledge and understanding of the text, presentation and language. I will take instances from the novel and then substantiate it with info out of the text. Is that okay? And what do you exactly mean by literary aspect of the character? Btw, thanks a lot for all your inputs.
  5. Miep Gies: The Unsung Heroine or the silent helper.. I will basically talk about how she retrieved the diary and what was her role as a helper..
  6. I have my IOP coming up. The novel that I've chosen is "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank. I was thinking of doing my presentation on Miep Gies, who saved Anne's diary and was also one of the helpers of the annexture inmates. Is the topic fine or should it be more specific to the events covered in the text? Also suggest some interesting ways for presentation.. And also tell me the topics which you guys are preparing? Respond ASAP.. Thanks a lot!
  7. Yes, I'm taking psychology with english HL. B & M is a subject which I want to study and I think the basic knowledge is somehow applicable in almost all the fields.. My chosen field neither requires economics nor maths.. So I just wanted to know if doing B & M is alright even when I don't have any other subject to support it.. I want to get into media or psychology..
  8. Hey, I'll be starting with my classes next week. I'm taking maths studies, business and management and psychology. Actually a friend told me that taking business and management without taking economics and maths HL is of no use and is not recognised much by universities. Is that true? Because I'm neither interested in Maths HL, nor in dropping psychology and taking economics instead.. Please let me know if taking this combination would be of any use to me.. p.s. I'm not planning to choose any career that requires maths as the base.
  9. Hi.. I'm from Delhi.. Even I find it difficult to pronounce some words because I mostly speak in Hindi..
  10. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I've concluded that I should take it up at SL and I'm ready to work on my writing skills and pronunciation. After all, gaining command on a foreign language will really be helpful to me in future.. Thanks again!
  11. Hello, I'll be starting with my diploma course next week, and I'm changing board from CBSE. I've been studying french for the past 5 years, but what I've realised is that it is not up to the mark. We never focussed on the pronunciation and writing skills. And my vocabulary is also not very good. My school offers French B only at SL. Is it advisable for me to take up French B as I've studied the language before, or should I start all over again with French ab initio? please help! Thanks..
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