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  1. Thanks for the advise Unfortunatelly, I live in Poland and we do not have community college or anything that works similarily
  2. Hello I've finished IB three years ago. I took Math, Physics, Chemistry and English HL and Polish, Geography SL and went to the University to study Physics. But at the same time I've started working for the foundation that helps people with physical disabilities and I've discovered that I simply love this job Now I want to move in that direction in my life, but to do it I should study Physiotherapy. And to study Physiotherapy I need to have Biology course. So here comes the question: is it even possible? Can I go to some school (does it have to be the one I originally did my diploma in?) and
  3. My math teacher told us that we are allowed to have the same topic as long as we are working independently on it - then both of us would probably approach this topic from different perspective. But you should probably ask your teacher just to be sure
  4. I use the first one for Chemistry HL and I really like it - it is to the point and covers most of the needed information. It is not a good idea to learn ONLY from it, but for revision it is perfect. And, what would be probably important for you as a SL student it is clearly shown which part of the material is HL only, so you would not be confused learning unnecessary things
  5. I'm not sure if this would help you in any way, but when I was preparing to the test in electrochemistry I did all questions from question bank and the only question in which they asked about it was: "Deduce the equations for the formation of the major product at the positive electrode (anode) when the following aqueous solution are electrolysed: (1) dilute sodium chloride (2) concentrated sodium chloride " And the answer is: (1) A(+) 2 H2O -> O2 + 4H+ + 4e- (2) A(+) 2Cl- -> Cl2 + 2e- Also in one of my books it is written: "On anode water is oxidised to oxygen gass unless the electrolyte
  6. Hi, I'm really stuck with my EE and would appreciate any help. My first idea was to write about Anglicisms in German language, than I thought about the influence of Arabic culture on German language, as it would be more actual. So my first question is whether this topics are suitable for the EE and which one would be better? ( I personally find the second one more interesting, but also more difficult, as I don't now anything about Arabic language) The second thing is how to narrow the topic. I thought about narrowing it to a certain age group and maybe do a questionnaire about using different
  7. And what if the fifth HL is the seventh subject? Because that is in my case and my IB coordinator never say that I can't do that...
  8. I would say both, but you should ask your CAS coordinator to be sure.
  9. I think you have an interesting subjects choice, but I wonder wouldn't you need Chemistry to go to the Medical School? And I envy you Arabic. I think it's a great language and always wanted to learn it
  10. I don't think that a lot of background knowledge is needed. At least in my school we were starting from the very basic things, like F=m*a, or v=s/t... A lot depends on a teacher, I guess. You don't need a lot of maths knowledge, too, because calculations are not so difficult. But despite of that I still find Physics HL challenging. It is very important to fully understand everything and don't have backlog. Better prepare yourself for many theoretical questions... For me the best way to learn Physics was to do past papers. You just need to get used to specific types of questions.
  11. Hello, I'm doing German B HL and I find it a bit challenging, but still very pleasurable. When I started IB my German was something like B1, maybe a little lower, but over one year I learned a lot, so everything is possible I would advise you to practice writing when you have time. For me it was very useful to write a lot of essays and give them to the teacher to correct the mistakes. And I always try to use as many as possible new vocabulary and idioms in my essay. Then you learn new vocabulary and have them already in context. It should be also helpful to prepare yourself a list of phrases
  12. I really like fantasy books, too From Polish authors I can recommend you Andrzej Pilipiuk. He wrote a lot of books, but I would say that my personally favorite are: Operacja Dzień Wskrzeszenia and trilogy Kuzynki. You might also like Andrzej Sapkowski's Saga o Wiedźminie, though I suppose the language is a little bit more difficult, but it is totally worth it. Rafał Kosik's Felix, Net i Nika series is more a science fiction and its a book for kids/teenagers (the main characters in this book are like 14 years old in the first book), but for me it was interesting. I hope it would be helpful
  13. Vals, are you looking for books originally written in Polish or also for translations? And what kind of books are you reading (fantasy, horror, etc.)? Maybe I would be able to advise you something. I don't know what your level of Polish is now, but if you still have problems with reading maybe it would be a good idea to look for some kids/young adult books? They tend to have a much easier language.
  14. Hi, I would say that Chemistry SL might be easier for you than Physics. I'm doing Chem HL, but I heard from people doing SL that the topics you need to cover are not very broad and you are learning the basics without going deeper into the problem. I doesn't involve a lot of maths, too. I know people, who are not very good at Maths, doing well on Chemistry. Unfortunately, it is important to know good Stoichiometry, as it tends to return in other topics, like Energetics for example. But don't worry, it's not so hard to learn, it only involves a little bit of logical thinking (and personally I re
  15. I really enjoy Maths HL. I have a great teacher who can make everything look so simple and logical
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