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  1. Textbook will be part of it - the questions in exams aren't usually the same as in textbooks, particularly moreso if you have an easier textbook. But you'll get the hang of it by the end of the course and they won't seem so bad. I used Cambridge's new HL book and went from a 3 in my final exams last May to a 6 in my retakes 6 months later in November after reteaching myself the whole course - the book has some tough questions at the end which helped a great deal because some were actualy harder than the exams. The trick is to doing a lot of past papers, which you have plenty of time for!
  2. My IB exams officer was told by the IB that mistakes like this won't be penalised and should be ok!
  3. I think the highest is carried forward. Your grade only goes down if you get a paper remarked and that goes down.
  4. Haha I left it to the last minute and scraped 152 with some of my learning outcomes at 1 - just hope they don't reject any of my hours...
  5. Here in the UK only the scores are sent, I think. I signed up with my school to get emailed the component breakdown a few days later, so I assume the unis (/UCAS) don't get the breakdown but just the scores.
  6. Yeh, I just read the spectral classes before the exam haha, 3000K? For the simultaneity question I think I just assumed that the train was passing the observer at the exact moment the two lamps were turned on; I didn't really think about it too much, might have got it wrong.
  7. I never bothered to study Lenin as I'm SL so don't have essay plans, sorry! I have some for Hitler, my Mao ones seem to be missing. but here you go: RTP of Hitler Hitler's consolidation of power
  8. I thought everything up to A6 was actually alright, seemed better than past papers. But A6 was nasty. Yeh the pairing of questions in section B wasn't great at all, I did 1 and 2 and realised at the end that I would have got more marks on 3, but nevermind!
  9. This is good, I have this as well if it's any help to anyone: I also have essay plans for nearly everything else if there's something someone desperately wants/needs.
  10. Paper 1 seemed easier than past papers to me. Paper 2 didn't seem too bad, although I didn't like the pairing of questions in part B - I did 1 and 2. They were papers where you can't really tell I think, everyone I've spoken to disagrees on how easy/difficult they were!
  11. Can anybody give a brief outline of what this argument actually is in terms of helping bring around both WW1 and WW2, individually? The way I understand it is basically German nationalism vs Slav nationalism?
  12. Astrophysics because it's relatively easy, although maybe a lot to remember, but not difficult. Also doing Relativity; it's a lot easier than people think and the same questions appear every year.
  13. My English Lit teacher is an examiner for the IB this year and she encourages us too on both the paper and for the titles of works. I can't see how you would get penalised, examiners don't spend a lot of time marking papers, as long as they can read your paper and can give you a grade they don't care too much what you do. Same goes for my history teacher, who's also an examiner this year.
  14. I have this for the poetry, don't know if it's any help:
  15. I know someone who got ~20 in his first year and then achieved 39 in his final exams. But he spent a lot of time working to improve; probably worked the hardest in his entire year.
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