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  1. 26 downloads

    World Literature Essay in Arabic A1 SL. Description: To what extent were Lorca and Ebsin able to examine and solve the social problems and humanitarian issues as presented in 'The Blood Wedding' and 'The Wild Duck'?
  2. 42 downloads

    Al ratha: A study of the past and the present. To what extent did Al Khansa and Fadwa Toukan use language to portray issues of emotion and thought? Grade: A By Bio-Aqua
  3. 33 downloads

    5. “…we will always learn more about human life and human personality from novels than from scientific psychology.” (Noam Chomsky). To what extent would you agree? This essay received a B.
  4. 30 downloads

    “Why is Empress Maria Theresia considered one of the most Prominent Figures of the Habsburg Royal Family?”
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  6. Hello everyone!! Remember me?? Wow! It has been such a looooong time since I've been here, and there are a lot of changes that have happened to this place… How is everyone? How are all the May '08ers? Still kicking? I know I have been out of here for a long time, pretty much ups and downs of life and the quick passage of time have made me super busy. I hope I can now get back in progress and offer any help I can, anything I can do to anyone around here, as far as IB and uni are concerned. Sorry for not replying to the tons of personal messages stacked in my inbox… So, I hope I'm back for
  7. Good day everyone.. So I thought that this thread might be useful for all those May 2008 - and forward - IB graduates who are looking forward for a well-planned university life. "What? Where? How? When? Why?" and all those questions on every single detail are to be discussed in this thread. Some of us might have already started with their studies, some have travelled and settled and some are still waiting for the doors to open. Hope you find this thread useful anywhere, anytime. Feel free to post if you have tips or plans you would like to share when it comes to college time
  8. Hi! Your subjects are fine both ways, for psychology and psychiatry. So no worries. If you're interested in US universities, either in the US itself or around the world, then you have to do four years of premedical studies. For more information on this, click [url="http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=232&view=findpost&p=1329"]here[/url]. If you pass the MCAT exam, then you'll continue with four years of medicine and then specialize in psychiatry if you like to. As far as the Australian universities are concerned, I hope that a fellow IBer
  9. [quote name='hamani' post='21920' date='Aug 11 2008, 11:47 PM']I was wondering if any school attended a trip to the Environmental Center there as part of their IB Science trip there? I was told that many other schools go there? Anyone here went? If so, tell me how the experience was?[/quote] As part of the IB Biology course, there is sort of a trip to examine some of the issues presented in the 'Ecology and Evolution' part of the curriculum. Our Biology class used to go to Cyprus, but two years ago, they switched to Barcelona, Spain. We were the second class to go there. It
  10. ..and I'm guessing you have a lot of free time so you're very very very excited?
  11. [quote name='hk213' post='17461' date='May 29 2008, 10:27 PM']But unfortunately, i have to test the relationship between oxygen and heartbeat. [b]I'm going to get a paper bag and let the subject breath in it for a certain amount of time and comepare them.[/b] And I was wondering if you know what the independent and dependent variable could be for this experiment and how the oxygen dificiency results in the heart acting in a certain way...[/quote] Are you sure that's the correct way of doing the experiment? How will you measure the amount of Oxygen or control the gas co
  12. Guess I wasn't clear, or used the wrong phrase, but sorry for the whole misunderstanding. I thought I knew something and it turned out to be something else or wateva. Nevermind. Right. IB2 goes faster than IB1, trust me. However, there is more hard work to wait for . You won't even notice how fast it goes, so make sure you manage your time carefully.
  13. I re-checked their website, and it seems that they may have changed their policy. I had researched the university around 8 months ago; the info I had received might have been out of date or something - or even wrong. Anyways, checking their prospectus it says: - Do check the website and see what they have about it.So anyways, try to go for it. Certain majors require Irish, which may be given at the university if needed. Sorry for getting on the wrong foot earlier. I do hope that you succeed in getting into the university of your choice! Have a nice day. (deleted the post above, to make thi
  14. Happy Birthday Jewelianna!! Hope you have a wonderful day today..
  15. Focus on some summer resolutions and organize a schedule for the summer . Do you play any musical instrument(s)? If you don't, which would you like to play? (both) and why?
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