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  1. Business and Management: http://www.ibbusinessandmanagement.com/ Ab Initio Language: http://www.memrise.com/
  2. Natural Sciences are ... mainly physics, biology and chemistry. Human Sciences : Geography, Economics, World religions,, Business... Politics.. History.. etc. Human sciences are usually aimed to study human behavior .. I'm also doing the same question on natural sciences and history. Hoped I helped.. This site has more info : http://www.theoryofknowledge.net
  3. Isn't that all you need for each criteria? Even though if you need to hand in more labs i suggest that: That you use the lab reports you did last year and make them better. Or, You start for scratch and write up new ones. There are many sites that have Physics Labs/Experiment Ideas .. to refer to. You should also look through your physics book for ideas? Feb. 9th is very close though. I hope this helped. Best of Luck.
  4. Yes you can! but it depends if the lab report is graded on the design criteria. then you can't.. ... also if you do use the instruction sheet write that you used it as a source and stuff...
  5. Hi ! I have a question regarding uncertainties and percentage error.. do we calculate the % error and show the working and is it required?.. and is the uncertainty applied to graphs and tables (as in stating the uncertainty in the table) .. or do we have to show the calculations of uncertainty ? Thanks.
  6. Sorry but what do you want help in?
  7. Don't drink either but Tea.. Snow or Rain?
  8. The exploration topic can be on anything but it obviously has to include math... Try doing it on something you're interested in Its easier in a way than the portfolios but also hard because you don't know if you're going on the right path or not... The thing about comparing two sets of data is that you have to have enough data to actually complete the exploration and also the data should be reliable.. What math topic are you going to focus on ? Statistics ? This website has a lot of exploration topics you can choose from : http://ibmathsresources.com/2013/09/03/maths-ia-exploration-topics/
  9. Oh, sorry i got confused between the WIT essay and the WT... Is this part of an IA ? (curious) I didn't do a WT since I only take English Lit. Sorry, I can't advise you but best of luck ...
  10. Hi ! Okay so I'm currently doing my Biology lab report and I have a research question and everything, but when I showed it to my teacher she said that I need a very long detailed RQ. But I know that RQs should be detailed but not long. my dependent variable and independent variable are stated clearly, so I don't see the purpose of having a paragraph long research question.. Do you guys know how long and detailed a RQ should be?
  11. Agree with everyone else. It sounds interesting!
  12. Biology, in my opinion, is much easier in terms of understanding than physics. If you aren't sure about entering med. then maybe stick to physics. Because career choices change a lot, I suggest doing the subject you like or find more interesting. (You're stuck with it for 2 years) BIOLOGY IS MUCH EASIER THOUGH! Best of Luck.
  13. My topic is OMENS !! But its mostly about symbols like Xius's house and the gift San Roman bought and how that foreshadowed events ? Hah, if that makes sense
  14. Thanks ~Lc~ for the advice. Yeah, I do think I got writer's block but I did find it useful to just write everything down on a paper rather than type it out. I'm writing about symbols in the Chronicle of a Death Foretold.. (brief)
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