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  1. Good luck everyone! Less than three weeks to get done with IB for good! Hope you all give your best!
  2. Ok, I came across Matrices in the notes. Isn't Matrices excluded from the syllabus??? I'm having a heart ache because we were never taught Matrices in school because as per my teachers' knowledge it's taken off the portion!! Somebody please confirm
  3. Oh Mr. Steve! Thank you SO SO much for this! This is exactly what I need right now! What a lucky daughter Thank you so much really!
  4. Forces for- if the tutoring center is set up in a residential area- could have a huge client base as there would be more students living around the area. or if the center is located around a school it can be easily identified by the students who're looking for tuitions. Against- Funds. If the tuition fee is minimal, then the funds wouldn't be sufficient to hire more employees or the profit margin would go down. If you're a little more specific about it, you can yield more help from here.
  5. As far as I know, you're not allowed to a book-movie comparison. That could have been done in your IOP, but not for EE. So, you can do a comparison of 2 books or work on just a single book. There are some exemplars available on the internet, try to read some of them before you start working on yours, they should give you enough knowledge about the criteria and how to address them in your essay. Also, if you have the IB Course Companion, read the EE part of it before you begin! It helps you plan your essay too, and there's an EE with comments available in it. But yeah, do it on books that you
  6. If your teacher is at least willing to help you, then ask him to post it on OCC. There are so many other teachers and examiners there who will probably give you a more reliable opinion. As far as I know, when you're working on books that are already well explored, and topics that are commonly chosen, it's very important that you show a very original reflection/observation in your analysis. So, do a simple google search on the topic and see if it's been shredded down to pieces already, if it isn't and you have a lot more to add to it (4000 words!), then go ahead! Hope it was helpful. Best o
  7. Hi guys! I've exceeded the word limit by 108 words. Deleting anything from the current content would reduce the quality of the report. Can I just tell my teacher it's within the word limit and submit? Since we'll be submitting in pdf format, I'm guessing he wouldn't know. But when it goes for external moderation, would they find out? There's other stuff in the report like appendix, research and proposal, etc., so would they be able to know exactly how many words there are in the part of the report that's supposed to count for the word limit? I know I'd be going against academic honesty w
  8. Thanks bluedino! I went ahead and recommended against investing in the project too. My teacher said it was perfectly alright because though the non-financial factors influencing the decision were quite promising, the financial factors such as long PBP, 5.9% of ARR and negative NPV suggest that the project could be a failure, especially since the company has low risk taking capacity.
  9. LOSER!! RECAP: You originally picked door 2 and then stayed with that door. Here is a summary of how previous contestants have fared.
  10. Hi there! So, I've come to the analysis part of my business research project and I feel like the company should decide against launching this new project. I can sustain it with reasons such as the company's inconsistent financial performance and the project's projections. But the problem is, I haven't read a single sample that said a certain decision the company's contemplating shouldn't be implemented. Is it a necessity to always say the decision is a good one and proved that it should be went ahead with? Thank you so much in advance!
  11. Thanks a lot veregudmen! I really like the programs at Wharton and Ross. Ross is my favorite, though. For the majors I'm looking at, Ross has an excellent curriculum. I believe I have more chances of getting a scholarship (at least a small one) if I went to a US university. I'm really worried about how this gap year is going to affect my admissions later, but I'm ready to face it. Can anyone here share creative and unique gap year ideas or programs they heard of?
  12. Thank you so much for the reply, Sandwich! I feel like studying in the UK is more expensive than in the US, especially with fewer scholarships for international students. That's one of the major reasons behind my inclination towards universities in the US. Also, you know most often our predicted grades are higher than, sometimes drastically higher than our final grades. I'm worried that would work against my chances. I think Oxbridge was way out of my league anyway. Do you know any good Business programs for international students there? Thanks again.
  13. Do you mean IAs? The internal assessments?
  14. Hi! Are there any Indian students or non-UK/US citizens here who took a gap year and applied to the US or UK universities after the gap year? I'm in IB year 2 and decided to take a gap year. I want to build my skill sets and add new and diverse experiences to life before heading to college, preferably in the States. I also want to utilize the time to do internship and add to my CV for my Business degree later. I wanted to know if taking a Gap Year is going to hinder my chances of getting into a good university. So, if anybody here has an advice or comments, please feel free to share! Than
  15. For the RQ I've got, I have no connection to using financial tools in the IA. It's about discharge process of a hospital. I'm investigating on how lean production can be implemented to make the process quicker. Guys, I am in dire need of help! I'm so confused and the due date is so close. I feel like I shouldn't have taken an RQ that doesn't require financial tools because all the samples I've read so far have used them. And I also feel the recommendation I'd be making is just a really small alteration of one of the steps involved in the discharge process. Is that good enough? Should it be bi
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