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  1. I could help with chemistry. I have a variety of tools that helped me. Am not sure when you want to start , and where but am done with exams .
  2. I really don't think dropping is the right decision here. Absolutely anyone can be succesful after completing the IB diploma. The nature of the course is such that a wide variety of people, with a variety of skills, intellect and backgrounds are accomodated. However this ''success'' is dependent on the individual, and how he or she defines it. Most definetly , all IB students have to work hard, we alll know its a difficult course. However some IB candidates are more succesful than others because of a few other variables. Their goals are clearly defined, and realistic. - As much as you wan
  3. Looking for general strategies for tackling Ab Initio texts in Paper 1. I do spanish specifically however I believe that is not an issue. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hope your paper 3 went well. I decided not to revise as much for it. Paid a hefty price. Goodbye 7.
  5. Am sure you're right for both. Paper two was quite nice for me too. I wrote a couple of pages just on translation (essay question 5 I believe), but then again i added the pre-initiation phase as well. Great predicted scores, you applying for medicine by any chance?
  6. I thought both papers were quite nice. The Genetics question for multiple choice (figuring out who is homozygous or heterozygous) was a complete guess for me. Oh the question on colon irrigation....wow...didn't seem relevant to anything. I picked the one which said undigested food is going to be washed away. Large intestines do absorb water....but it didn't seem like a negative aspect of colon irrigation (which is what i believe the question was asking). I may be completely wrong.
  7. Greetings, i have heard that in early 2014 syllabus changes have been made for all sciences. I want to ask when those changes will start to apply to examinations. Thank you
  8. Area of mathematics - Algorithms Specific sub-area - Sorting Algorithms - algorithm that puts elements of a list in a certain order Suggested topic- How do sorting algorithms in increasing efficiency of technology? I can show personal engagement by continuously attempting to reflect my own way of organizing variables. How I can creatively incorporate aspects of sorting algorithms into my daily life. I chose this topic due growing interdependence of the humans on technology. So far this year, there hasn't been a day where I haven't used any of technology. A majority of the time, peopl
  9. Maximum temperature will be equal. using concentration = moles divided by volume (C=n/v)....We find the amount of moles of HCL is equal on both beakers. moles refers to the amount of particles present per unit volume. In this case it is 0.1moldm^3 . What this means is that is the collision per unit volume will be the same. Which mean the rate of the reaction is the same. The resulting maximum temperature due to collision is also the same.
  10. I would like advice on how I can set up good outline for my topic. In addition, refining the topic to make it a great question seems to be necessary. Am interested in exploring to what extent dimensions higher the 3rd be mathematically proven. is it good or is it too broad? Tips on how to go by it would be great. Thank you have a good day.
  11. It's pretty basic...am very interested in music but am have trouble finding a topic for a strong exploration. Any ideas? Much appreciation in advance.
  12. For biology, try to go over the entire syllabus points. The full syllabus (with teacher's notes) is fantastic because it clarifies everything you need to know for the exam. http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/documents/dp/gr4/biology/d_4_biolo_gui_0903_1_e.pdf As far as material....they are numerous sites you can use with enormous amounts of detail. This is by far my favorite.... - http://www.ib.bioninja.com.au/ib-home/ I do higher level..... it's merely a matter of staying incredibly organized. Making all of your notes concise and convenient
  13. By the way.... good luck with ur exams Khimber Thank your for your advise. Yes she (alexandra tobias) has a array issues. She has a been in - in violent relationships - depression because her mother died recently - In jail, she told inmates that she shook her baby and smashed his head on the computer monitor, but then changed the story to blame it on her ex, her mother, even a dog - A psychologist named Stephan Bloomfield said that Tobias' depression is rooted with her upbringing under a mother who was diagnosed with bi-polar disease and - Sadly, there's much more. Something of note fro
  14. I need help solidifying my knowledge issue for the TOK presentation My real life issue is a mother playing farmville admits to the killing (she shook her baby quite vigorously) of her baby because she was interrupted playing Farmville. Possibly something of note is the women is 22 years old ( I don't know how i can incorporate it into the KI). site-- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20021079-504083.html The KI i extracted was --- To what extent does virtual gaming change your perception of reality I was told that ''reality'' was way to broad of a topic. Is there anything i can do
  15. Most definitely. What would be the point of all of your work if someone else has already investigated it. Immediately, the assessor (who would know if the topic has been done) will be disinterested. It will also hurt with the conclusive elements. Because it show no element of reasoning (there's already knowledge that you might without knowing regurgitate into the essay). Also, this is all provided that have logical data. Just imagine how bad it is if your data isn't logical and the essay, and it's been done. Know if you were to do an original essay, failures and mishaps in Data can be not lo
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