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  1. Sure! talking about the 9/11 and the cultural backgrounds of the terrorists would definitely work. I did mine with a group of Japanese, Philippines and Koreans so we talked about the different women rights in different societies and how it changed after time by talking about 2nd hand stories from our mothers.
  2. For Microeconomics, I would suggest starting off with an article related to demand and supply. You could then further this by whether there is an excess demand/supply, externalities, and/or comment on the factors of production. There tonnes of news articles on New York Times or the Guardian about food and technology
  3. Yes. Talking with your school about the choice will definitely help you. Although I believe Biology SL is easier than Physics, with a whole year worth of studying gone, I would personally advise you to stick with Physics. It's with all the IB subjects, but Biology SL definitely does have some stressful topics that you would wonder why you're studying it!
  4. Geography HL really takes time compared to SL because of the difference of the number of topics we need to cover. Make sure you have detailed notes for each of the topics, with case studies so that you can use as examples in the exam. Going over past papers also helps. However, once you start understanding how geography works, it's not hard to understand! For me its just the amount we have to remember
  5. I'm going over all the topics and summarizing each, with the exception of 3-4 topics which I read over in greater detail. It's all for luck with which topic comes out on Paper 4 so I would advise you to have at least a general idea of each of the topics!
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