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  1. I was reading the economics IB syllabus, and in the macroeconomic section they specified to answer the following question: Explain that central banks of certain countries, rather than focusing on the maintenance of both full employment and a low rate of inflation, are guided in their monetary policy by the objective to achieve an explicit or implicit inflation rate target So, my question is what is implicit and explicit inflation. Also, can you give me tips to answer the question above. Thank you all, Regards, TheSstudios
  2. Hello All, In written task 2, the question I chose is " If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ?" For this question, I took the book " Streetcar Named Desire". I've decided to change the temporal setting. Streetcar Named Dersire is set in Post - Great depression and Post- World War 2 time period. Now, What if the play was set in the 21st century? Can someone give me some tips on how I should proceed with the question? Thank you for your help.
  3. I just started planning, and really don't have a KI. I wanted to do something that I'm interested rather than take something else, which I can't put my heart into.
  4. Hello All, I'm doing my TOK presentation in few weeks. My teacher said to take a Real Life situation that appeals to you rather than a RLS, which is very distant. So, I am a movie maniac, and I decided to base my presentation on a movie. I did some research and narrowed it down to few movies: Inception Blade runner The fox and the hound Matrix My Big fat greek weeding Groundhog day Starwars I'm inclined towards inception, but I'll take any suggestion that you people will give me. Also, can someone help me on what I can focus on the selected movie. Your help is much appreciated Thank you
  5. Thank you for your help; your suggestions were extremely helpful.
  6. Hello, For my written task 2, I chose this question: How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose. In that I want to do the study and analysis of author's reworking of fairy tales. I alway seemed to get confused with the question. For example: I take a certain fairy tale, and depict that it is being re-written in the form of graphic novel, which is deviating from its original convention, which is first person narrative. Can someone give me tips on how to the answer the "How" in the question? Thank you
  7. Hi all, CAn someone tell me the format for a group 4 presentation. ( The order of presentation, the content etc.. etc..) Thank you
  8. Hi all, I'm doing my chemistry group 4 project and the main topic is environment. I'vv decided to do something acid rain. Do anyone have any ideas on how to show the effects of acid rain on environment? Thank you,
  9. I meant the compounds used in a particular type of cement. For example, I get a sample of some cement, and I want to know the different types of compounds in it. So is there any experiment, which allows me to do that. Thank you
  10. Hi all, For my group 4 project I need to find the composition of cement. Do you guys know about an experiment, which determines the compounds in chemistry.
  11. Hi, For my group 4 I have to research from the chemistry point of view. The central idea is the analysis of local and/ or traditional building materials. The main theme is effects on the environment. So how can I go thorugh with it by the analysis of local and/ or traditional building materials? any suggestions?
  12. Hi,so I'm new to IB survival and getting to know things. So we just started working on our group four presentations, and we came up with a topic to work with fuels. But are not able to narrow it down. IF you guys have any suggestions, please help me. If fuels is just too much please give me an alternative to work on. My school is nearby a lake and some farms and barren land. A factory is located nearby too.
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