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  1. Hey carlodorna, If you mean your English courses, I think it would depend on what course you are planning on taking as there are various levels. For instance, there are the Language A courses, which are meant for native speakers or people that have that level. Within those Language A courses there are also "Language and Literature" and "Literature" with their respective SL and HL levels. I am not sure how hard the FCE exam is, but, if I'm not wrong, you would fit either in the Language B or the Language and Literature, as this latter one doesn't include as much literature and analysis, so it w
  2. that makes sense! Thank you so much for your help! ^^
  3. The reason I am not sure is that, although it is "digital", I still have to define the boundaries (as in, I have to give the program where is the beginning and where is the end), which, in my opinion, kind of makes it into an analog instrument.
  4. Hey guys, so I am using Photoshop to measure some things for my extended essay with the ruler tool. However, I have been trying to think how to get the uncertainty of the tool as I need it to make the calculations and analyze the data. I have sent an email to my supervisor yet he has not responded me and even searched on the internet hoping that I would get some kind of idea or guide that would help me figure it out.... but nothing, and I have my draft due in a week! I hope any of you guys know anything about this! and if not, thanks anyways! ^^
  5. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert translated in Spanish was definitely one of the worst IB books I have read so far......
  6. Hey, I just read the syllabus and the course description on the IBO website, and it seems like it's not only about the actual performance, but you have to study about different types of dance styles, like the culture that it arose from or the tradition behind it. I am not quite sure about any specific details besides this, but I'll leave you the links below! ^^ Good luck! http://www.ibo.org/diploma/curriculum/group6/dance.cfm http://www.ibo.org/diploma/assessment/subjectoutlines/documents/d_6_dance_gui-out_1105_1_e.pdf btw, you put this in the wrong forum! I am not sure if you can change it t
  7. well math HL has few more extra topics compared to SL, like mathematical induction and the option that the teacher or the class chooses. It is definitely more in depth compared to SL (I have noticed it while tutoring my friends who are in SL). Also, I heard that the calculus section is way harder as they usually compare it with AP Calculus BC which is similar to Calculus II in college. I honestly wouldn't recommend that you change to HL unless you are pretty certain that you will manage to study and catch up the stuff that you missed in the first year. Also, in math SL you can survive by just
  8. I kind of agree with SmiledBeloved and ak18. We did varios presentations and essays related to The Great Gatsby and, although your idea of comparing West and East eggs is fantastic, I am not sure that you will have enough content to fill the 4000 words, instead I feel like you will get kind of overwhelmed. So, if you want to keep the initial topic, you should look for other texts that have kind of the same theme/idea of the eggs and compare them
  9. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to take another two languages based on what you want to study in college. For your math subject, you should check a few of the colleges that you are planning on applying since there are many schools that do not accept math studies, but instead they want to see at least math SL. And for your science subject, you should take one that really interests you or that you are good at since you won't really need it for college but it will still affect the overall points that you get for the diploma, so you should consider a subject that is in your favor (I'm g
  10. They also removed the "matrices" topic from the SL and HL curricula for the 2014 examinations. Like @B.E.P. said, they are also changing the IA into what they call an "exploration". There are a few more changes that you could check if you search for the syllabuses.
  11. I also have my first draft due in less than two weeks and I am not sure how I will manage to finish it. I barely started on my introduction and just thinking about the evaluation and analysis (I'm doing a chemistry EE) is giving me headaches and making me procrastinate more
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