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  1. Paper 3 (Well, the aspects of Asia & Oceania paper 3) was pretty reasonable, I suppose, although the questions were far too specific and restrictive for my liking, I guess. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I felt like they concentrated all the questions around very specific time periods as opposed to spreading them out of the entire syllabus (there was nothing on the occupation of Japan for example) but the questions were alright. It wasn't near as hard as it could have been, I have to agree.
  2. Here's something that might be able to help you, although like Emmi said, we're not allowed to give you topics. Consider everything you can change about your experiment (concentration of electrolytes, surface area of electrodes, length of salt bridge, etc.) and everything you could measure as a result (average voltage, change in mass of anode/cathode, etc.) and pick one from each category. The former is your independent variable and the latter is your dependent. And from there you should be able to work something out! Good luck c:
  3. K, so I'm a HL student and these were my topics/areas/whatever: Paper 1 > (route 2) > peacemaking: Except they decided to be really obscure this time and I (well a lot of my friends too, actually) were really thrown off by the fact that they tested us on the smaller treaties of Trianon, Neuilly and St. Germain made at the Paris Peace Conference instead of ... well the more obvious stuff, I guess. That and we're generally used to seeing questions about collective security and it's eventual failure in past exams ... so yeah, that was an unpleasant surprise. Paper 2 > Topics 1 (Causes,
  4. Alright, so the thing about your PSoW is that only two examples of your best work will be counted per criteria. So, your best examples of criterion A across all your labwork, criterion B, C and so on. So if you do really badly on one lab but you have a decent score in one of the criteria, that could be counted. I'm not exactly sure if this is how it works in the new PSoW (for 2015 and onwards, I think), but I think it might still be the same. Don't quote me on this, however, talk to your teacher about it! Also, labs are weighted a lot less than your exams, they count for 24% of your grade whil
  5. I have an inkling that it's a business&management EE, but yeah, being a little more specific about the subject you're doing it in would help.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to fill your survey out but for some reason the page won't load for me ):. Is this a problem for anyone else or is it just my terrible internet connection? ;_;
  7. It's not a terrible question (although beware, it is easy to get sidetracked), but you might want to narrow some things down. - Like the poster above said, pick between African-American people and women. - What time period? - What region? - Was there a specific event during which this happened? - I assume you mean lobotomies in psychiatric institutions, so exactly how are you going to get information? Something like a case study of a specific woman/person would be the best kind of source you could get, but that is going to be challenging. - If you're doing a "to what extent essay", keep in min
  8. Keep in mind, your real-life situation should probably be quite recent as well for you to be able to discuss real-life implications in your presentations. For WoKs with your current real-life situation, I think reason might be the only one that fits. However, if you linked the maths in your question to ethics (okay, this is a really convoluted way of going about your question, apologies!), such as maybe looking at how it's unethical to decide a few numbers can determine your ability to go to university or not (I'm guessing plenty of people struggle to pay the full price and can't apply ... ) y
  9. It's because at some point the velocity become negative which means it's moving backwards or along the track it was moving forwards (or so I was told by a super smart friend!) I did mess this question up tho ;;.
  10. Yup bell curve question. Did you get something like 0.5 / 0.89.. / s.d. = 44? (We are allowed to discuss answers here right?) For the volume of revolution question in paper 2, I got an answer that was <1 as well ... so maybe I got that one wrong. And yeah, SD was 44, IIRC. I thought the papers weren't too bad, I actually found one of the May papers (TZ2, I think?) to be a lot more challenging ... and fingers crossed for a 7, omfg! And I agree, 10(d) of paper 1 was worded really weirdly DX.
  11. I thought the paper was okay, actually! And by some stroke of luck, I remembered the extracellular matrix, although yeah, that was a little bit mean lol. And there were a lot of ecology questions, kind weird.
  12. I did the poem for paper 1 as well, mostly because it made far more sense to me than the prose ... and well, I just don't know how to write a commentary on prose. A weird thing about me, I suppose, I find them too restrictive. Also, I think I may one of those rare people who chose question#2 (#8) from the prose section? I didn't go terribly but I really feel like I could have done a lot better, maybe if I had made up my mind about which question to answer earlier and had more time to write. I kind of wish I had done #9 because looking back on it, I could have made a pretty compelling argumen
  13. Abs are fine, I suppose, but do keep in mind that your personality and the way you approach her and interact with her will likely matter significantly more than how muscled your chest is ;P.
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