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  1. MrHiti

    SAT 1570

    It seems like I was very vague... Yup those websites helped me search for universities. Thanks!
  2. MrHiti

    SAT 1570

    With a SAT score of 1570, what are some of the 'fit' universities I can possibly apply?
  3. I came up starting of my KI by "What is it ..." KI: What is it that causes the society to accept knowledge and discard it? Does this make sense?
  4. For the ToK question no.4, could you suggest any sample KI? 4. “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge”
  5. In which area should I spend more time studying as apposed to other easier topics ahead of the final exam?
  6. I currently hold a Japanese citizenship, and I can also get a British passport because I was born there. However, I did not live in the UK long enough after I was born, so I did not receive a British citizenship nor a passport. I grew up in Japan after living in the UK (for a short amount of time), and now I am planning to get a British passport, if there are any benefactors that exist when I apply to the universities in the UK. Can you please list some of the benefits of holding a British passport, when you're going to apply to the UK universities? Most importantly, are there any differences
  7. Are there any articles that are easy to work on the Econ IA in the Microeconomics section?
  8. I believe it is more than a grade of 3.
  9. Thank you for the guide, with my partner, we came up with an idea. "Communists". Eg. How do we know (the countries we focus, (North Korea and Cuba) is recognized as communists?
  10. I have to start my ToK presentation from today. So are there any real life situations that would be crunk to do for sick high marks? What type of topic would be chill to do and would let me get a 7?
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