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  1. I've taken biology and economics (HL) but psychology at (SL). Psychology has three areas : Biological, Socio-Cultural and Cognitive and one might interest you more than the other but overall it is quite interesting as a subject. Taking it at HL will mean A lot of content because you need to take both options in Paper 2 AND an extra Paper 3 about qualitative research methods. If you can manage that and can write a good essay then Psychology is for you but Chemistry i've heard is equally hard in terms of content and understanding. Can you possibly try psych for some time and switch over a little
  2. The textbook was published in 2007 so i think that it'll be for the 2009 syllabus so i guess i'm safe. I was wondering because the cover (http://img2.imagesbn.com/p/9780199151431_p0_v1_s260x420.JPG) says 'For the 2007 programme'. My school issues the Pearson book but I believe that its got too much information which I might not need so I'll just read from there and study from this book if thats fine.
  3. I just recently purchased the Biology (Study Guide) by Andrew Allott, However I did not realise that the book was designed around the 2007 syllabus of Biology. Can i still use this book even though i'm giving the 2015 exam ? Has the syllabus changed all that much ? Another question I have is regarding the attachment. Is this the correct syllabus for Biology HL ? IB_Biology_Syllabus_2_2.pdf
  4. My topic is 'Examine the link between child abuse and juvenile deliquency', I was wondering if the topic is promising enough ? My second question is how to go about the research when writing a extended essay in psychology ? All input is appreciated
  5. Hey guys, My question is related to Paper 2 of the course. I'm In Psychology SL thus I have a choice and the options given to me are either Abnormal Psychology or Human Relationships. I'm a little confused and need help deciding. Thank you for your insight
  6. But i still wanna try for USC, If i manage to push my SAT score to a 2150 + by october do you think i'll manage to get through ?
  7. My grade point average so far is around a 3.5 and i do believe I have a good extra curricular background. I've performed in two music concerts in my school, Treasurer of the CAS council, Press head for an event and have also participated in my school's swim meet twice. These are just a few to mention. My grades haven't dropped they've been constant throughout my junior year because i managed to get a 33 in both the semesters (excluding TOK and EE because that can't be counted so thats a 33/42). Thanks for the feedback
  8. The IB Psychology course is started from scratch and you don't need to have prior knowledge. You'll learn as you go and it is definitely interesting. The only thing that makes psychology (especially HL) difficult his the vast breadth of information that needs to be learned. I've taken it at SL and even i'm finding the information a bit much but if you're interested in it and you can express your information in writing well then its definitely a good subject to take. About the three sciences I don't think thats even possible, The IB only allows two sciences to be taken (one in place of an art)
  9. Hey guys so I'm a little bit confused here and would love your opinion. My subjects are : (HL) English Biology Economics (SL) Psychology Hindi Math EE - Psychology I scored a total of 33 in my junior year (maintained my score both semesters) and scored a 1740 in my SATs I am giving my SATs in october again and i hope to jump to atleast a 2000 + if not a 2100 I have a number of questions : 1) Do early decision applications accept the october SAT scores ? 2) What are my chances of getting into my dream college ? (University of Southern California) 3) I want to pursue computer scienc
  10. @ib-dying yeah i agree completely, so i've decided to take it at HL. It'll be better for me as compared to taking the easy way out by a language B HL.
  11. Thanks for the reply i think im fixing in for Econ HL, taking the challenge (@IgnisRexLeo) I go to this career councillor who told me to take Language B HL because it would be easier and would take the load off me ..
  12. Hello, I really need to make a decision on my subjects. All i want to ask is that is Economics HL really difficult (the mathematical aspect especially) because its either this or a language B HL which even to me seems like an easy way out. My subjects : English A1 - HL Biology - HL Language B/Economics - HL Psychology - SL Math - SL Language B/Economics - SL PS. - Math isn't my favourite subject. I wasn't recommended Economics cause of my math scores but i improved drastically in my finals. Econ Paper 3 is my main concern as compared to the theoretical aspect All help is appreciated
  13. I was in the exact situation. I just gave my IGCSE History paper in June and was pondering weather to take History or Psychology. I got an A* in History in my mock exams I've chosen Psych because i want something new and different. In my opinion you should do the same unless you're extremely inclined towards History I might take Hindi HL too but i don't like the whole 2 compulsory texts aspect, So i might choose economics HL instead
  14. English HL Biology HL Economics HL Math SL Psychology SL Hindi SL
  15. English HL Biology HL Hindi (Language B) HL Psychology SL Math SL Economics SL
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