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  1. Hey Everyone, I am freaking out right now. I have IOC tomorrow and I kind of know what extracts it is going to be because my teacher kind of mentioned it briefly but I have no clue what to say as I am so so bad at this IOC or english in general, the extracts are from Othello and Samson Agonistes and this is stressing me out so much because I have no idea what to say. Anyone who can help me with this? Shakespeare - othello Milton- Samson agonistes I would be so grateful
  2. hey people... anyone want to revise for economics with me? SO we can motivate each other.... But if you are last year of IB please (HL) Hopefully someone will join me
  3. Hey EVERYONE!!!! ME AGAIN! I got an offer from Exeter to study law. It is a conditional offer and it requires me to get 36 points. I am never getting that point...I applied to Exeter because the requirement was 36-34 (yes first is 36 back to 34 :/ ).... What should I do? Call the undergrad admission? or who?? http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/law/staff/ i got this list of people related to law in exeter and I want to email or call one of them (maybe ask if they can lower my required points?) EXETER is like my top choice and I dream about going there but I am really worried ab
  4. Even though she was not a fast runner, she was professional at flying
  5. Hello everyone, I want to do Law and I can't decide which university I want to go. What do you think is Royal Holloway better than Westminster or vice versa? I can't decide help please....
  6. Hey everone, Can anyone help me with writing the perfect critical analysis?? Im really struggling with it. I get 2 for it all the time.... Please
  7. Hello Everyone, Can you please help me find a university that is in the centre of London, that does law and the requirement for IB is 27-31.... Please anyone I am stuck
  8. I don't have any idea how does the personal experience or just experience produce knowledge? help needed!!!! ))))
  9. I liked the reasoning bit, but what can I write as my Knowledge Questions?
  10. Hey Everyone, I would be grateful if someone could help me with my ToK essay as I am really bad with ToK... Thank YOU
  11. Hello Everyone, so i am on my summer break and it is already third week of summer break and i have not done any kind of work for IB2. I have so much to do EE, Personal statement and some revision and everything, i just can't seem to start working, i get distracted by everything. Can someone give me tips and stuff please?? Thank YOU
  12. Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone remembers how the essay questions were in economics microeconomics, macroeconomics paper 1 thank you
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