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  1. Speaking of which, where is it that i can apply calculus...i mean some simple topics for calculus? i was doing poker ..but then probability is getting a bit too complicated..
  2. have you worked out what type of maths you will be looking to apply to this?
  3. My info: Physics (HL) Chemistry (HL) Math (HL) Eco (SL) French (SL) English A1 Skype ID: MonkayMojo
  4. Just wanted to know how stringent are they about the " economic information that is no more than three years old" rule. Because my essay looks at market failure in emissions where a lot of the data ranges from 2008-present, if I reduce the time period you really can't gauge any clear trends. So are they strict when it comes to marking this sort of thing?
  5. Haha, well i already am doing the research on a different country. I just wanted to know if the scope would be to broad and score less.
  6. I'm doing my EE in Eco. Would it hinder my chances of getting an 'A' if I don't narrow my research question down to a city? The RQ is based on a carbon tax and I'm finding it difficult to get sufficient data for any particular city and can only get it for the state, is that okay?
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, but i need some more help. If I write about why it was or wasn't effective (the carbon tax) would that be drifting away from the question? Or would it strengthen the essay?
  8. This is for History I'm guessing? I'm not doing my EE on History, or have it as a subject even. But to me, that topic looks slight broad. Try giving it a time period e.g "... in asylums during the 1840s".
  9. I second the latter. I can't say much for the first textbook, but I have other one and I find it's it's great when it comes to explaining concepts; it's easy to read through, the language is very easy to understand, so far I haven't experienced any ambiguity--they've done an excellent job making it clear cut. You won't be welcomed with crap loads of dry mathematical problems where you're asked questions like :'If John gives two apples to Julia....find the mass of the sun when, keeping the number of tampons constant'. That being said, the book is oversimplified. So while it's great for concepts
  10. Most of the economic theory for this question is based on market failure which is an SL topic (I have eco SL but I don't mind reading up), are HL theory question credited better?
  11. "The effectiveness of the carbon tax imposed on the electrical utility industry in reducing emissions from individuals." For those of you who don't know, the carbon tax is when the govt. puts a price on emission of pollution, greenhouse gases etc. So companies with a large carbon footprint, such as the ones in the electricity industry, would reduce their emissions to avoid paying a greater tax. So is the topic viable, does it need to be more specific? And does it have to be a question or can it be a statement? Also does the titlehave to be geographically specific ("...from individuals in Cit
  12. Hi guys, New the to forum (great site btw, I don't know how I didn't find this before). I need some help in strengthening my WL topic. From my research I've gathered that the WL title need to be fairly narrow to score well. I've already started writing on my topic which is : "Ibsen uses symbols and motifs to define the identity of women" But feel that this topic is way too broad and slightly elementary. Any advice on how I could narrow it or make it more sophisticated? Thanks.
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