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  1. I asked for my TOK remark over a month ago and my coordinator said the IB has 'advised a delay' so now I'm freaking out and I'm not really sure why it's taking so long? Has anyone else heard of/got stories similar?
  2. I just graduated a couple of months ago and I know that my biggest regret will always be that I didn't study harder. I didn't do ANY work at all during the IB - I did all of my IAs and test study the night before and it was stupid, and it stressed me out. I did manage to get a 33 but only for three reasons: 1. I have a decent intelligence level and a great memory. 2. My teachers were really kind and were lenient with deadlines. 3. The IB has IAs that dont involve study and that you can fluke. However, I am now stuck retaking my Maths exam and realising that I missed out getting into my course
  3. Hey, so sorry I never replied to this, I guess I was caught up in exams! Thanks so much, I actually hadn't found this forum
  4. I think I can help you out with your decision At my school Psych is a Group 6 subject so I have friends who do both HL History and HL Psych - I just do HL History but I've gone to some of the HL Psych classes and also discussed Psych with my friends Here's what I have to say: History HL has a LOT of content, and the essays are marked at a very high standard. Also, if you look at this http://www.ibo.org/facts/statbulletin/dpstats/documents/may_2012_statistical_bulletin.pdf, it tells you that in May 2012, 2% of people taking History HL got a 7 whereas 4% of people taking Psych HL got a 7 (sho
  5. I feel like this will just be a thread full of Australians, thank God because there aren't many of us IB students in Australia! I'm currently reading over my notes on commentary writing and language techniques aka cramming And then I'll read some quotes for Paper 2 before I go to bed I guess... ahh, so not ready for exams!
  6. Hey guys, I want to go to ANU next year and I've already put in my college application (for Burgmann College) but I'm really nervous about various aspects of college life such as: - Food - Size of dorm rooms - Hazing of first-years - Being underage during O-Week - Unisex bathrooms Do any of you/your friends know anything about residential colleges in Australia and if so, what are they like?
  7. I plan to do International Relations and I'm taking: English A HL History HL German B HL French B SL Biology SL Maths SL As you can see, I have English and History as higher levels plus I have two languages. I think an aptitude for English and for languages is very important for IR. I also think Econ would be helpful but I tried it for a couple of lessons at the start of the course and hated it so I switched to History
  8. I just finished the course (English A HL Lang and Lit) and we were given: World Lit/Texts in Translation: Medea by Euripedes Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong HL - Miss Julie by August Strindberg IOC: Othello by Shakespeare Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe HL - poems by T.S. Eliot IOP: The Fiftieth Gate by Mark Baker The Island by Alistair McLeod Poems by Gwen Harwood and Kenneth Slessor Paper 2 (final exam): Cosi The Crucible by Arthur Miller Master Harold and the Boys HL - Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
  9. Hi, thanks for the information. But would you care to explain what the action part must consist of, because i don't think my coordinator is doing a great job at it. For instance, I did tutoring for Algebra I after school for freshmen, and I thought that my creation of lesson plans would go under creativity and me actually teaching them would count under service. However, he said that me actually teaching them is action and service, basically saying that I can put 1 hour under for service and 1 hour under action, if I teach for 1 hour. Can you please explain. Thanks Okay, your coordinator defin
  10. The interactive and individual orals are both marked by your teachers and then moderated by the IB, though the marks aren't changed very often. I do not know the individual subject boundaries for the papers for Language B but the grade boundaries for May 2013 can be found here http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2405454
  11. So are you applying to ANU for the Law course? I have, maybe we'll run into each other there College applications are now open
  12. Yes, I agree completely! I'm doing the IB in Sydney (my exams are this November), and the segregation is MASSIVE (at least, it was for me). The IB is just such an ordeal that you become close with the people who go through it with you + the HSC do have different assessment periods. However, the whole Schoolies thing really doesn't matter - you'll probably make new Schoolies plans anyways
  13. I got 150 hours from being in various sports teams - it's a great idea! Just make sure that in your proposal, you emphasise it as an interesting and challenging experience. e.g. for soccer, i mentioned trying new positions and setting myself new personal best goals for the drills. As for reflective statements/logs, make one after every second game or so, discussing what you could have improved on and what you did well.
  14. According to this: http://www.ibo.org/diploma/curriculum/group4/Physics.cfm, the IB Physics syllabus changes will only start in September 2014 and so the first time that students will be examined on the NEW syllabus is May 2016. Since you're graduating in May 2015, the syllabus changes won't affect you
  15. No, if you read the English Extended Essay guide carefully, it states that the texts you choose must be originally written in English :/
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