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  1. About your question, My teacher would say that I won't be able to study the treatment of every single woman in Iraq, so she'd say that I have to narrow it by investigating about an specific place.. Also she would say that there are several ways a woman could be treated. I'm not sure if I'm being helpful but my teachers are vey strict and exigent! Good Luck
  2. Ok, here is what my teachers told me.. Every single paragraph of the EE has to have a structure.. So they told it was afirmation + evidence + opinion/explanation + parcial conclusion... I did my EE in Literature, so I had to make the affirmation (that depends on what are you talking about/ on your question), then you give the evidence which means to make a cite of the book, then I had to explain a little bit about what I was talking about (Analysis) and in the end I was supposed to make a parcial conclusion that links to your next affimation in the next paragraph! Hope I helped!
  3. The Case Study is needed in the third paper You're supposed to investigate about the all the IT Systems used in the case, also determine the social and ethical issues. It's important to study similar real life cases as well, then you'll know how they solved their issues and what was the tech they used. (There's a question on the paper where they ask you to link your answer to your own investigation) Good Luck
  4. Thank you! I already figured out the pattern
  5. In my school we use TI-84 Plus. I'm not sure about the price, but my teacher told they cost arround 120 dollars. It may be old and that stuff but it is pretty useful for Math SL things. Anyways, I recommend you to wait the instructions of your teacher. btw, save money
  6. Hey guys! The task says "Discuss the overall trend from 1896 to 2008, with specific references to significant fluctuations" What does specific references to significant fluctuations mean? Thank you!
  7. Thank you, that's so relieving!
  8. I'll ask. Thanks anyways
  9. Thanks! I'm having serious problems with that. I have more than 2000 words, which is the top, but it is because of titles and subtitles
  10. Hey guys. I have this question. Does titles and subtitles count as words in the Historical Investigation? Thank you for your answer
  11. Well yeah, that helped me a lot. Thank you so much!
  12. Yes, I know that, but my teacher told me that I had to link at least one of my arguments with an experience I've had in another subjetc of the IB Diploma. She said it was needed to strengthen my argument.
  13. Hey guys, I have this question.. does the tok essay has to have a link with another subject of the IB Diploma in somewhere of it?
  14. I started this topic because I think someone could give me an answer faster than if I post in the other Circles topic I did find the OP' values when OP is held as a constant and r values are modified, also I found the pattern using excel, BUT my teacher told i had to find the pattern by finding a sequence in those three values. I just know about geometric and aritmetic sequences, but the values i found doesn't follow the rules of a geometric nor aritmetic sequence Thanks for your help!
  15. If you read all the information written in this topic I bet you will understand how to do thi IA.. That's what I did and it went good!
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