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  1. I have decided on research question for my extended essay in history and have a clear idea of how I am going to structure my Essay. However I am not clear what are the best options to find references and primary sources, I have found some websites that have decent information however im unable to decide which books and articles to choose. So I was wondering if you could recomend me some ways of choosing the books that best fit intoan extended essay?
  2. I have been looking for this maths book IBID 4th Edition Maths HL Core, however i am unable to find anywhere were I can buy it does anyone know how i can get in spain? http://www.ibid.com.au/cat/mathematics I am only able to find the book in Australia however i was unable to find it Europe does anyone know how i where i can find it? I would not mind an online copy if that is possible
  3. Do you have any prior experience in japanese?? if you don't i would suggest working really hard and increasing that level 2 or 3 to a 4 or 5.... if you however have prior experience in japanese then i would suggest doing that....in my opinion sl B language aren't that hard as long as you know the language to a decent level so if you know japanese then take it as the subject instead of french...not much work will be requiered. I would not recomend to change subjects if you have no prior experience as you can invest the time into improving your french instead of studing japanese from the start
  4. but i have seen something in ibid book wich says that relative uncertainty *100=PERCENTAGE UNCERTAINTY could you tell me the difference between them
  5. The only way i practice spanish is by writing and doing past papers.Then i give the to the teacher to mark another option is getting a book from (ESO 4) which can help you to improve your writing. I have a predicted 7 in spanish SL B then again my mother is spanish and i live in portugal
  6. I have been playing tennis competitively form the age of 9 now 17 and have an international ranking....do you think that will make it easier to enter to uk unis?
  7. yes i have also downloaded the latest version v3 of question bank free however i cannot find the previous versions....do you have the previouse versions?
  8. I am doing hl math and was wondering if i could get some past papers questions that where divided into subtopics to practice like question bank but free...any alternative?
  9. I did a practicle and claculated time, then i had to do some more calculations to calculate 1/time so i had to calculate the precentage uncertainty. My question 'is the uncertainty absolute or relative and why...how do i know which one it is?'
  10. bale


    this is very helpfull as i might be doing my EE in history WW2, do you have more like this for other subjects?
  11. I personally think geography is one of the easiest subjects to do your EE and your idea seems intresting so i don't see a problem however you should talk to your supervisor to make things clear. Yes you might be right however Im not currently doing geography as one of my subjects and neither in igcse so im not really sure how easy it will actually be...(i want to get over with the EE as soon as possible however i am confused which subject I should choose as apparently I am doing the hardest subjects for the EE)
  12. I am currently doing the 3 sciences all in hl(irregular diploma) and i would rank them hardest to easiest in this order 1.Physics 2.chemestry 3.biology This is my opinion on the subjects level of difficulty however bare in mind that what someone finds easy someone else finds hard everything is relative, however in general i believe this is the trend at least in my school.
  13. Ok thanx its good to know that at least the masters are in english (as i always wanted to go to switzerland...great country), well i understand that its really hard to get in if it's one of the best universities in the world but i expected that if you got 40 or above it would be easy to get inside the university
  14. And you they are much more expensive right?...by the way is there some good university close(germany, france) to switzerland that do courses in english?
  15. That is a real shame is i know 5 languages but unfortunatly non are franch or german. Well guess i will have to remove switzerland as one of my options for future uni.
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