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  1. I would advise instead of doing PEST..u can do lewin's force field analysis instead..it'll prove more useful.
  2. Sorry, but I meant posting an actual offer letter in pdf format or similar...not directing me to google..which is not useful in this case.
  3. Can anyone post an official acceptance letter from any top canadian university? I just want to see how an admission offer looks like. Thanks
  4. I'll be applying for comerce...is it ok with those predicted grades?
  5. As you are subtracting two different masses, you have to consider the uncertainties for both of them i.e. 147.09 +/- 0.01 g - 146.45 +/- 0.01 g = 0.64 +/- 0.02 g You have to add up the uncertainties while adding or subtracting two different values both of which have uncertainties. Hope I helped
  6. Hey guys, I am an Indian student and I scored a 1900 in my SAT this may. I wanted to know how canadian universities view 1900 as a SAT score. Is it good or bad? What are my chances in getting into the following universities with the above SAT score and an IB predicted grade between 35-37: Utoronto UBC McGill Ualberta Uottawa Plz reply soon...I need as much detailed answers as possible.
  7. hey Da Wong, I saw that u got accepted into rotman commerce at utoronto! That's great! can you please tell me whether getting into utoronto is very tough or relatively easier than UBC? And did utoronto accept u with ur predicted grades? When did the colleges give u ur admission offers, in march or april? Plz reply soon..
  8. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me how difficult is it to get admission into mcgill desaultels faculty for a bcom programme? Will ib predicted grades 36-37 be a good chance for admission? Also, do they give preference to ib students, moreover international students? Please answer asap..
  9. Can anyone tell me about the University of Alberta and University of Western Ontario? How tough is it to get in there?
  10. Interested to pursue commerce (BBA/B.com) for my undergraduation in canada. Which universities are good for this and can you please tell the acceptance rates for their commerce programs. If i get IB predicted grades between 34-37, which good business schools in canada can i get admitted into? I would like as many suggestions as possible. Also, can international students become chartered accountants in canada? Plz..reply!!
  11. Hi,, I want to know how difficult is it to get into the following colleges for commerce programs-undergraduate with the IB diploma and a predicted score in the range 34-37..:- 1. Mcgill 2.UToronto 3. UBC 4. York 5. UAlberta I want to know as much as possible and even suggestions regarding the commerce program offered in the above universities or any other good university in canada.. Plz reply soon....
  12. Hey everyone, I want to know which university is better simon fraser university or unversity of alberta or university of calgary in canada? In terms of academics, international students, job placements and social life? Plz..need as much advice as possible!!
  13. Hey guys, I am pretty worried about my predicted grades. what happens if my predicted grades and my final ones don't match. What if I am predicted 37 and I end up with a 32 or 33. What happens if I am predicted a 33 but end up with a 38? Is it big trouble? How are my college applications affected due to this? Is the school in trouble if this happens? What happens if there is a large difference? Can you plz tell me asap.... :/
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