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  1. I'd say ATAR depending on which state you're from. IB marking is far more straightforward than whichever Australian system you're under
  2. How about business management in music/entertainment industry?
  3. USYD is quite theory based (as far as I have heard); I think for engineering it's better to be hands-on than theory-based, considering the market I probably would put USYD at second and UTS at third. This is purely because you can always move from USYD to UTS, and USYD does have pretty good connections. Even if you find engineering not to be the field for you, or you are considering to use your degree differently (e.g. data analytics, consulting etc. etc.), USYD can at least give you connections, which is apparently all the rage right now.
  4. Do the IB; at the very least, the way IB scores is much fairer and transparent than HSC. You definitely do not need to be academically gifted to do well in IB; but you do need the drive to work hard. From experience, IB tends to reward people who worked hard to achieve where they are. Disclaimer: I am from South Australia and since studying at ANU, I've heard one too many stories about HSC and how weird the system is. If you still have doubts, PM me
  5. Ooh this sounds like a good one! It sounds complicated enough for a chem HL prac and pretty original. The one comment I would make is that be careful with what juices/drinks you chose. Ideally, you would want the type of acid to be the only variable, and hopefully nothing else in the juice will affect the enthalpy of neutralisation. It is pretty difficult to achieve that; the most realistic thing you can do is to make sure that the concentration of the fruit juice is the same, or that it's from the same company so that the formulation is hopefully identical. It's not too big a fuss; if all els
  6. susanne

    chem ia

    Personally, I think this is more EE material than IA material, and potentially more bio than chem; regardless, it sounds interesting, You could potentially look at how the presence of heavy metal ion/chirality/other chemicals affect the breakdown of sugar - could be relevant if you are doing analytical or biochem for the options. I do have to emphasise that you should look at a particular chemical pathway, rather than a whole bunch of systems present in biology.
  7. You're not wasting anything by going into a course that requires low ATAR; ATAR requirement doesnt predict how hard a course will be, or how valuable it is. Despite having an ok ATAR, I still had to work my ass off in my science degree to maintain good grades. Same with law. Your case is quite curious. To work in finance I'd think commerce is enough; but I guess to make yourself more competitive if you have an understanding of the legal system. That being said, there's a couple of things you need to consider, namely 1). would you enjoy doing law, 2). do you want to spend 5 years doing law, 3
  8. both topics are equally good, tho I think the first one might be easier to do experimentally.
  9. well, I had a small (2.5-5 hrs) job during the second part of IB. It's workable but you need to be upfront about if you are stressed/have a lot of work, manage your time well guys
  10. first is more of an IA second one is good, but it's potentially difficult to conduct your research. I remember there being an IB sample EE that's somewhat similar to this one
  11. I think it's your school thing. Ask your local uni and see if they can help in some ways
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