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  1. I am having trouble searching online for tips and guides for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 Language and Literature exams and my final exams are coming up soon. As always I came to the IB survival forum at first as I always found guides for the different assessments but to my surprise I did not find a guide for these assessments. So I would like to the members who are more experienced in these tasks to create a guide for these two papers as it would benefit a lot of the members in the present and future who are using this forum. Thanks for all the people who create such guide and give tips, your wor
  2. I know that if I am multiplying/dividing my answer is the least number of significant figure in the data and if I am adding/subtracting my answer is the least number of decimal places i the data but what if I have a constant for example: If I want to find the average of the data so I'm going to add them then divide by the number of data: 3.05*2.05*1.05/3= 2 or 2.19 will the answer be one significant figure because of the three even if the three is not part of the data or will the answer be 3 significant figures as this is the least number if significant figures in the data being calculated.
  3. I am starting my math IA I have decided to choose the Monty Hall Problem as my topic. I was thinking about explaining the Monty Hall Problem using conditional probability and then expand the Problem by trying it on more than three doors like for example four or five doors in order to try and find a trend or a sequence or a general equation. Is this topic up to the level of the Math SL course and do you have any suggestions about things I should add to the IA. Thank you, your help is really appreciated.
  4. if you are hoping to study economics in university I would recommend taking math hl as many universities would require it but others will not if you are planning on taking business related studies in university then math sl would be very sufficient. Too be really sure of the requirements for a major in a university you can check on the university's website or contact their admissions asking them for the requirements. As for the economics HL course i just finished the syllabus last week and i really enjoyed it throughout the two years i hope you will enjoy it too.
  5. While surfing the forum for help writing my written task 1 for the English language and literature course I found that the forum lacked a guide and tips for writing the written task unlike other task in different courses where I always find very useful guides for the task. So i thought that I would point that out hoping that one of the members of the forum that have experience with such a task would create a guide + tips as it would be extremely helpful for all the members doing the task now and in the future. In the end i would really like to thank all the people that put effort and time in h
  6. I just finished my extended essay, the subject that i choose was English B where I choose a book and analyzed something about it related to the time when the book was written. I am doing my bibliography should i put the book analyzed in my bibliography, also about how many sources should be used and do they grade me down for using the internet as my only source? Also when inserting quotations in the body of the essay should i cite them after the quotes with brackets(book name, page) or should i write it in the footnotes as in: [1] book name and page. I really appreciate the help.
  7. I am diong my ee in English, I am analyzing how a particular author portrayed women in the 20th century in his books. Does that go under Language A1 or Language B, and do i have to be taking the subject for me to do my EE in? Many thanks.
  8. To what extent is science a trusted source of knowledge. is this a good Knowledge Issue to use for my presentation if not how can i make it better. Also if anyone can give me related real life situation examples related to this knowledge issue. thanks for your help i really appreciate it
  9. help me understand this worked example in the book as i am not able to understand the transformation from grams to the normal formula. What is the maximum volume of ammonia gas ( measured ar 273 K and 10.1 *10^5 Pa) that could be obtained from the reaction between 10g of hydrogen and 30g of nitrogen? if the actual amount of ammonia obtained is 7.05 dm^3 calculate the percentage yield for the reaction. Step 1 Write the quation for the reaction (assume the reaction goes to completion to give the maximum amount of products.) 3H2(g) + N2(g)= 2NH3(g) ( i dont get this part how did it transform from
  10. thanks for the two above answers but they gave me real life situations i need now a sub knowledge issues
  11. To what extent can scientist be held morally responsible for the consequences of their inventions and discoveries? i need your help finding sub knowledge issues being linked to areas and ways of knowing.
  12. I am doing my written task 1 on the novel "A Streetcar Named Desire" written by Tennessee Williams and I am having trouble figuring out an idea to write about and choose the format in which to write my written task. I would really appreciate it if anyone gave me some ideas. Thanks.
  13. This is a topic for all who need to change their IB subjects. I am in my first year of the IB diploma and I am taking Biology SL and Business and Management HL while i had not known that to go into medicine i would have to take Biology as HL and Chemistry HL. The question is that is it allowed according to the IBO to change from one sbjects to another ( in my case from Business and Management HL to Chemistry HL) and also is it allowed to changed from an SL level subject to HL ( from Bio SL to Bio HL). THANKS
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