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  1. I am in Chinese B and the facts that i am using are from the historical texts and surveys that i made (i also found some useful results online)
  2. My topic is on why is chinese music less popular than western music, even in china I can up with a few ideas, my instructor says they are good, but just not convincing enough He says that for people not learning chinese music might find it hard to relate to what i am writing is there any way i can prevent this or should i just change my topic altogether
  3. This topic is no longer needed, my other subject passed there is no pleasing this chemistry teacher
  4. Thank you rainAl for being so supportive and willing to help but my teacher is sort of a pain in the ass i tried that idea before he said it was too simple and not practicle like no one would drink cold coffee I even tried the nutrition values of different cooking methods, be it steam, boil, juice but then he said vitamin C and nutrition values are overused keep thinking and my deadline is tomorrow And for the coffee bean comment no that does not work because antioxidant levels are too hard to test at least at my school
  5. That is the problem my teacher thinks that it is meaningless when you are comparing different brands it should be one changing variable that would affect a certain aspect your ideas are all about comparing which my teacher does not like at all
  6. And now i am trying desperately to find a new topic in 4 hours
  7. oh That turning and i cannot have an extension since it is counted in my monthly gpa I can still change it after i turn in something but my teacher just would not let me pass
  8. My ee topic is due tomorrow and my instructor keeps saying that my topic is not good enough i tried the caffeine levels of different beverages but he said that there were too many problems in the extraction I tried pH level of foods but then he said there was no changing variable help
  9. First of all, if you like these subjects, go ahead why not is there some concerns that you have over these subjects the 4 HL plan is what i am doing its not that much workload If you like your HL subjects then your fine
  10. Too bad my teacher says that i have to change my topic the caffeine extraction method is unreliable since there may be many other chemicals and no one would drink cold coffee the results might be insignificant so any other ideas? Feel like doing food chemistry
  11. How about caffeine and teens i know that teenagers should not take in too much caffeine but many people drink multiple energy drinks in a single day i can talk about how much caffeine an average teen should intake and then using the data collected choose some drinks that i think are appropriate but the problem is i only found out a way to extract caffeine from coffee i cannot find anything on extracting from soft drinks
  12. Hope this helps IB-Biology-syllabus.pdf
  13. There are too many unstable variables for the absorption one Any coffee has many substances and it would be impossible to isolate and analyse them The problem is not that the topic is not good enough but the reason is not
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