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  1. Hello, do you have more to share? I don't really need them, but some of my classmates do and our teachers seem to be pretty much reluctant to give the boundaries to us, so any help would be warmly welcomed Sure, I got those from here: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki/IB_Grade_Boundaries#Mathematics Just check it out
  2. I'd say watch out for Math and use quality vocabulary for English. Know the basics - radicals, exponents, factorization, graphing, simultaneous equations,...that kind of thing.
  3. I think that depends on a few factors: are you currently doing the MYP? Which school are you specifically trying to get to as admission requirements may vary? I'm skeptical about the 95% average because I know for a fact that it is not required by the IB and that many average students have also made it to the IBDP having an average of around 75 - 80% so I wouldn't worry about that much if I were you. Instead, I would focus on doing well all-round. Regarding the entrance test all I can say is that you will be tested on Math and English - for sure. You might also be required to show speaking sk
  4. English A1 SL INTERNAL ASSESMENT (ORAL) 1: 0-4 2: 5-8 3: 9-12 4: 13-16 5: 17-19 6: 20-23 7: 24-30 Scaling factor: 1 PAPER ONE 1: 0-4 2: 5-8 3: 9-10 4: 11-13 5: 14-16 6: 17-19 7: 20-25 Scaling factor: 1 PAPER TWO 1: 0-4 2: 5-8 3: 9-10 4: 11-13 5: 14-16 6: 17-19 7: 20-25 Scaling factor: 1 WORLD LITERATURE 1: 0-2 2: 3-5 3: 6-7 4: 8-10 5: 11-13 6: 14-16 7: 17-20 Scaling factor: 1 FINAL SUBJECT % 1: 0-14 2: 15-29 3: 30-39 4: 40-52 5: 53-64 6: 65-77 7: 78-100 SPANISH AB INITIO, Overall Grade Boundaries: 3: 31-47 4: 48-60 5: 61-73 6: 74-87
  5. Banned because the faculty at Sussex University is what we are talking about.
  6. Granted, but then you'd fail all your classes. I wish I could time travel.
  7. Banned because the faculty consists of five Nobel Prize winners...
  8. Language B may not be as challenging as Language A, but it does require having a strong background in the sense that you need to be able to converse and know your vocabulary or at least be prepared to learn a lot and under worst circumstances, cram. http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/michaelh/H._Michael/IB_Course_Guides_files/French%20B.pdf - check out the criteria. If you feel that you can do it, go ahead. Remember: HL requires reading two works of literature.
  9. This is from a document I found very helpful. Hope it helps. Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center Hamilton College Clinton, NY 13323 WRITING ABOUT POETRY by Seth DuCharme, '92 Writing about poetry can be difficult. A poem does not affect its reader in quite the same way that a work of prose does. To be able to understand and write about the way a poem works, you need to spend some time thinking analytically about the poem before you start your draft. Then, when you begin to write, you are better able to select appropriate evidence and construct a convincing argument. Professor Ivan Marki of the
  10. A hypothesis would normally be phrased as such: If I increase/decrease [independent variable] then [dependent variable] will increase or decrease because [scientific reasoning].
  11. Banned because the stealth fighter would have altered the history we know today, but now we will never know.
  12. Granted, but then all your assessments would be crowded even more so than they already are. I wish Hogwarts was real.
  13. Banned because despite their mass destructive weapons, the Nazis still lost.
  14. Banned because some days stay gold forever.
  15. Depending on where you want to study you'll probably want Maths HL if you're doing economics. (that's what they require in the UK for a lot of universities) I want to do medicine, is Math HL a requirement?
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