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  1. Well that was me a year ago and it's still me now that the Spanish ab inito exam is in 2 more days....lol Some people (including me) are just slow learners...but don't worry you have a whole year to catch up! I'd recommend getting used to different resources in Spanish. For e.g. watch movies in spanish, read spanish articles etc. Create a vocab list maybe? Just try to get familiar with the terminology. Eventually you'll get the hang of it, I can assure you that. In terms of practicing the grammar, this is the best website I can recommend. http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/ In a nutshell, you
  2. Well, there are quite a few formats that might show up, such as the following: Section A Advertisement/flyer Blog Email Entry/post on social networking site Invitation List Menu Message/note Notice Postcard Poster Section B Article Blog Brochure Diary Email Entry/post on social networking site Essay (where appropriate) Interview Letters: formal/ informal Report Review Speech/presentation I hope that helped. Make sure you're familiar with all of them.
  3. Yeah, there was a database error last Sunday, and since then there's been a couple of issues with the forum - the unreplied topic thing being one of them. oh is that why IBS wasn't working properly yesterday? i thought it was my internet or something.
  4. Same! SPANISH AB INITIO.....
  5. Lucky you!! My last exams are on 23rd! =.=
  6. Hey guys, The Business exam is next week! Does anyone know any possible questions that might come up?
  7. oh yes i also wasn't sure what they were referring to by the ''dynamic nature of resources''. perhaps, they are referring to its various uses or to the different viewpoints on the management of resources?
  8. Hello fellow ESSists! How was your paper 1 and 2? I personally found paper 1 relatively easy although the nitrogen cycle question was a nightmare! Paper 2 was much more challenging, in my opinion, especially the essay questions. But I ended up doing Q2 and Q3 for the essay questions. How about you guys? EDIT: It seems that for Paper 1, most people struggled with the nitrogen cycle, so I hope the examiners loosen up the boundaries a little bit and for Paper 2, most people chose to do Q2 cause of its relative feasibility in comparison to the other questions.
  9. 99.9% sure that something on global warming will appear for section B you think? they already had one in paper 1...so there are less chances they'd also have it in paper 2
  10. Oh god! I did TZ2. Ok I think my Paper 1 went well! I did the externalities question and the monetary polices one. Paper 2 wasn't as good though. I did the Turkey and Ivory Coast case studies. Paper 3 - I hadn't revised enough, so it didn't go too well. I did Q1 and Q3.
  11. I actually ended up doing the minor characters question and I used the plays: Death of a Salesman (Miller) and A Streetcar Named Desire (Williams). Wasn't the best, but it went better than i had anticipated!
  12. I did Into Silence too! I talked about the issues that are caused due to Janey's disability.
  13. Hey Guys, I was just reviewing the November 2010 ESS paper 2, but I'm having issues with some of the questions which hopefully you can help me with. I checked the markscheme but I'm still not sure how to structure my answers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Section A Q1 e) With reference to Figure 8, explain why researchers examined economic and cultural factors as well as ecological factors when they measured the “restoration potential” for Plains bison herds in different locations. Section B Q5 b) Explain how K-strategies and r-strategies are linked to succession. [6] c)
  14. west coast - lana del rey btw, does any one know where i can find a fanmade cover for I blame myself, by Sky Ferreira?
  15. But they shouldn't smudge once they dry right? there's always the risk of water.
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