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  1. Ronnie23

    IB mod

    I still dont understand the whole IB moderation thingy, Do internals bring your mark down or up? For instance, if one got a 5 on a Math Studies internal but a 7 on the exam. What will be the final mark?
  2. You can start off your essay by identifying the key words given in the essay title. The key words identified may also be defined, this allows the examiner to understand the definition you perceive it to be. Set the parameters if your essay, like what you intend on covering, what context. for instance, Human sciences, what part of it? Set out your main knowledge issues, i.e. what area of knowledge your covering, its good to have atleast 2. Most importantly, clearly point out or define your position. Whether you do or dont agree with the essay title, present counter claims as this strengthens yo
  3. Is it appropriate to place definitions in background information of a bio IA?
  4. InshAllah I get a 6 or 7. Yeah I'm pretty good with Arabic but I messed up on the last text because of time
  5. I done arabic SL, not HL. But the texts were much longer than past years...
  6. How did everyone find Arabic B SL/HL Paper 1?
  7. For the TOK presentation, as part of the introduction, is it essential I outline what Ways Of Knowing & Areas Of Knowing I shall be exploring?
  8. Ronnie23

    History IA

    Hi guys, My internal assessment question is currently: How was women's contribution on the home front significant in the outbreak of World War 1? I'm upto Section B, and realised that my question may need some adjusting, any advice? Moreover, for section B, I merely have outlined the role of women on the home front in accordance to my articles and workbook, with historiography. Which I intend on further analysing in section D. Am I taking the correct approach so far? Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated Thankyou.
  9. Ronnie23


    i have no idea what to do for my math studies internal, any ideas?
  10. Can anyone help me formulate a History IA question? I want to write my internal about women's role on the home front and battle front during ww1? Is it a good topic?
  11. Thanks, but I have the syllabus... I was looking for marking scheme answers, What IB markers look for in solutions
  12. Does anybody please have the marking schemes for Biology HL topics? Answers to particular past paper questions? it'll help tremendously
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