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  1. Enduring Love, we just finished it a few days ago and I adored it. We also read Going After Cacciato, which was also fabulous. And last year my favorite book was The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea.
  2. Wikipedia isn't that bad of a place. If you quote it, and you double check the source and if the information is right, Wikipedia might just word something better for your specific investigation. I think if you quote it, the assessors assume you properly checked the information in your quote outside of Wikipedia. Also, on most of the pages that are legitimate pages that someone might actually use on their EE, you need more clearance than just a random account on Wikipedia to change it.
  3. I always write my intros the same... For Chemistry, Physics or Math. Very straight forward and without beating around the bush. The purpose of this investigation is to create a new casino game, stuff like that. Write what you expect to be doing in this investigation and how you intend on finishing it. Just write about the investigation in general and you should be pretty good. What's nice about Math IA's is they're designed to segue very nicely into the next bullet point too, so transitions are simple enough where you can just say, now we're going to try add this variable to see what happens.
  4. It would probably work, just be sure to word your reflections the right way so it sounds like whatever hours you're putting it in as!
  5. Can I just ask what exactly is the point of what you're doing? Cause I can't really figure it out. 6 exams instead of just 3? In the same subject? Why??? 6 exams instead of 3? I'm taking Math SL and Chemistry SL. And then Physics HL, English HL, History HL, and Spanish HL to count for my diploma. Then I'm taking the Math HL and Chemistry HL exams as well so I can have the HL tests under my belt as well. But they're not counting toward my IB Diploma score. More credits in the university, and more knowledge on the subjects.
  6. As a diploma candidate and a student with a full time job... I pull them all the time.
  7. If you do how much coffee is in water from brewing it at different temperatures, you're basically just figuring out the solubility at different temperatures, I think that's why he said it lacks a story. Why are you doing a solubility lab with coffee? Is there more to talk about for 4000 words besides how soluble coffee is in water?
  8. Ask for an extension for turning it in. I had to change my question far after the deadline had passed because it just didn't work out for me. But Angel M is right, it's better to think about it more and get yelled at for not working hard enough than turning in something that's not very good.
  9. Pretty much anything counts. I taught myself how to knit, and then I donated these hats to cancer patients at the local hospital, and it counted for both creativity and service while I was teaching myself new knitting techniques etc. That's where a lot of my creativity hours came from. As long as you write in your reflections the right way, you can get a lot to fly as creativity.
  10. We read that in my English HL class, so there's definitely enough to talk about for both. I think the first and second one are a lot more interesting if you want to go for unique. Bertha as a symbol in the novel is a common topic to discuss, maybe not in EEs (I actually have no idea for that) but in general, and Jane developing in the novel is also a really common thing to talk about. Writing about Jane Eyre may be a little cliche, though. If you didn't want to do that, something else might be fun too. You definitely don't need to stick to classic books, either, though. My friend wrote her ext
  11. I'd say pick one! I second this. I sacrifice my social life and sleep.
  12. I'm a little surprised more people don't have their IB number as their username....Because I do. Creative over here.
  13. Wait, wait wait. I wish we did this! It's not like we do anything in class in May anyway because half the class is missing on any given day...
  14. EE? Check. CAS? Check. Math IA? Tomorrow! History IA? Check. TOK formal presentation? Next week. TOK paper? Check. World Lit paper? Check. There's 48 school days left! I'm sooo excited to be DONE.
  15. They're also very religious, so if you're not religious, you might get a little intimidated by it. That's why I didn't end up applying after I visited the school. Also because I come from a very diverse high school, and I wouldn't be able to handle such a non diverse college... But it's entirely about you. Picking a good school is important, but it may be even more important to find a school with the environment that's best suited for YOU.
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