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  1. Hello there! I am planning to do my EE on Half Broke Horses and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Is it advisable to do it on contemporary best-sellers though? I also am in doubt with my research question? Although I initially wanted to do it on how the narrators are likable in both texts, it seems rather oversimplified and cliched . Any suggestions on good EE topics? And let me know if you've read the books. Thanks a lot :DDD
  2. Your second choice is not a bad one although I would suggest you to word your RQ well. Nick Carraway's description of women (Daisy, Jordan, Myrtle, Catherine, etc.) certainly varies greatly from his description of the men in the novel (Gastby, Tom, etc.). This has particularly triggered critics to question Nick's sexual orientation. In any case, I am still doubtful about the scope of this RQ but picking The Great Gatsby is an enormous challenge, the book being so loved and popular. I haven't read other books by Fitzgerald although there is plenty to research in The Great Gastby. Good Luck
  3. Is it a good idea to do my ee comparing a work of fiction and a work of non-fiction by the same author?
  4. Wow! To begin with, I must compliment your guts. History proves that many great works were initially criticised for being too outré but in truth, they were just ahead of their time and turned out to be masterpieces. Unless you aren't in healthy state of mind, I don't think this should be a problem. Keep your cool and instead of rebelling, convince those three women that you have put in hard work and it means something to you. If your IB coordinator sees your essay as a potential A, it would be unethical for her to insist a change of topic. Good luck.
  5. Am I too late? I am likely to do my world lit on this book too and thought I could use some help. I think Mersault would have got off had he showed emotion or regret or had he turned to religion when the chaplain offered him to do so. Of course, Camus highlights the racial tension in the book as the trial discussed his lack of grief during his mother's death over the murder which makes the whole thing unjust. This explains why Raymond didn't go through punishment for beating the Arab woman. But since the death sentence brought Mersault to his enlightenment, it can be argued that it was, if not
  6. I had my IOP on The Devil and Miss Prym bu Paulo Coelho. My teacher said that our topic could not extend more than a single word and he kept calling it 'concept'. I made the use of posters and analysed a key extract of the novel where my concept, change, was most prominent. As per my method of presentation, I had a interactive discussion although only few contributed ideas. Idk how I did but i don't know if the procedure is right. Any suggestions or comments on this?
  7. I did a speech by Napoleon in Animal Farm displaying the true, corrupt despot he is when not in public.
  8. I think I would simplify this site by organizing things more. And many things are way too customizable which causes confusion. There are way too many icons on one page and as a new member, it is hard to navigate around the site without loosing track I hope that helps. On the bright side, I learn a lot from this site and people are so smart here.
  9. Yes this site is indeed helpful. Sometimes it gets confusing though. There are too many things that can be explored and a lot of resourceful teenagers. Is there a way to chat with the friends you meet here?
  10. I think you need a supervisor that approves of this activity. Also, you must be able to display what and how much you have learned in your reflections and what this whole thing means to you. I personally feel that if your friend tutors you, it would be better since he/she could get service hours and you, creative hours. S(he) could also give you regular quizzes to display your progress to your supervisor and this would serve as evidence. As for other creative activities, you could learn cooking, compose songs, learn an instrument or write a novel, some poetry or song lyrics. But remember, you
  11. Hey All. I'm new here and I find this site very helpful and confusing. I have a few questions and I would really appreciate it if you could help me. What is this pinned thing? How many hours do you think an IB student should study daily? How hard is a 45? Why are some files downloadable while some aren't?
  12. 1) What is your gender? Male 2) How many times a week are you online? Everyday 3) What is the duration of time you're usually online? 2 hours 4) Have you ever bought anything online? No 5) Do you visit gaming sites? No 6) Do you visit celebrity-dedicated websites (e.g. official websites, tumblrs related to a celebrity, etc)? Yes 7) Do you visit social-networking sites?No
  13. For French, I usually try to spontaneously translate lyrics of my favorite music. It's surprising how much your vocabulary could improve by doing so.
  14. My School doesn't even offer HL. Maybe they can't risk it but I am not sure
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