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  1. I really want to read Maus. Isn't it a graphic novel? It's supposed to be fantastic. It was the basis of ToK question. To answer the question - Half of a Yellow Sun surely. Loved Kainene to bits. The characters are very... real. Like, how nobody is really ideal - they have their flaws but that doesn't make them any less of a good person. Ismat Chughtai's short stories were fantastic too.
  2. EM waves and Astrophysics here... Was a godsend after paper 2! I couldn't figure out what the unit was for the cepheid variable question!
  3. I totally didn't see the last two pages because I didn't turn the booklet. SO SCREWED. But a lot of people told me that they couldn't even start on those questions. The paper was lengthy. It just pisses me off that I did get there but didn't end up looking at the questions. Feel like such an idiot for seeing it in the last five minutes.
  4. Yup, the denominator was definitely zero! I think it's a vertical asymptote and that's probably why dy/dx does not exist there. I thought I was doing it wrong but I let it be and justified it as an asymptote. In retrospection, I think I could have just graphed on the calculator and checked!
  5. Reality is quite unappealing most of the time and so realists are mistaken as pessimists. Just because reality doesn't match up to fantastical expectations does not mean that those who do not indulge in unnecessary fantasy are pessimists. Reality is harsh, period. Pessimism is just over thinking all the negative things that could possibly take place while realism is understanding the probability of both, the good and the bad occurring. Optimists see the plants enjoying the rain, pessimists see the floods killing people and realists see precipitation taking place in the form of liquid.
  6. Yes, I did close it shortly after. Need to rework it. I will be improvising it and then having a survey up again! Thank you for your response!
  7. Hello everyone! I'd be really grateful if you guys could take my survey for my Business IA as soon as possible and try to get as many people of other demographic groups to take it as well, as I need a large group. Thank you so much! <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/F33LDGY">Click here to take survey</a>
  8. You could read up articles on websites like adage.com - they are extremely helpful.
  9. Avenged Sevenfold My Chemical Romance Gojira Eluveitie Lamb of God Megadeth Chimaira Motorhead Fall Out Boys Linkin Park Nirvana Daughtry Pink Floyd The Script
  10. You can open by defining what you think 'progress' means or what a dictionary defines it as. And then you go from there and say how progress is made in different fields and what leads to progress. You are being asked for an opinion but remember, that when you give an opinion, you should identify your own biases and mention why your opinion is the way it is.
  11. If you want to become an engineer, I'd personally recommend that you take Chemistry at some level. Also, to be an engineer, I think (only think, not so sure) Math is required in HL. You should probably look up what is required for engineering courses.
  12. Well, memes ARE a form of communication, right? My topic was approved my EE advisor and the head of the English department. It's just that I really wanted to do language and I was drawing a blank when it came to ideas. This did seem apt... I was considering the following aspects. what are memes? - (quote from Richard Dawkins, from The Selfish Gene) - idea or concept spreads from person to person within a culturewhat are Internet memes?why are Internet memes different? - made by user, gives them more power, more expression, spread faster because of the medium what is 'viral'?what kind of memes
  13. Hey... I am writing an English Language extended essay and it turns out that not many people have done that in my school (or even outside school, actually). So I was looking into how memes about terrorism had developed and whether they implied any societal stereotypes or mindsets. It would be a research of memes of a particular kind, I suppose. But how would I develop it?
  14. Oh, so you're doing an irregular diploma... The Fault in Our Stars is a pretty good book but are you sure that it has the literary value for you to write an extended essay about it? I am not sure what you could write about. Maybe you should consider other options?
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