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  1. Do you happen to know any revision sites for Spanish Ab Initio?
  2. Hi, I looked up the Wheel of Time. You can use it if it has literary merit. So that would something you could find out? We were told to use acclaimed books. Your book seems fine but will you be able to find secondary sources such as reviews and essays on it? Then look for a kind of question that will not be directly answered. Something that goes "To what extent..." or "How far..." . You can use a topic based on literary devices, plot or allusions to literature or mythology but make sure it's not too narrow or broad. If there's a lot of symbolism in your book, narrow it down to one or two symb
  3. Thank you so much. I did just that
  4. Hi! I've done my micro commentary already. You can do it on pretty much anything you're able to write about. Mine was on oil prices in Europe. The only thing that seems to be a bit of a problem with your article is that it seems too short. But if you're sure you can write a lot on it, then go ahead. Our teacher also gave us some of these tips, just in case you don't remember or are not aware: 1. Define or briefly explain any concepts you're using or that appear in the article. 2. Use a couple of graphs and diagrams to help you explain your commentary better. I've also been told to take a look
  5. Why don't you make a timetable? That usually helps. I try to do that. Even if you don't finish everything, you do end up finishing most of the things you wanted to. And you have a clearer idea of what all you have to complete. Now, I'm not very good at making them myself so I just get them done here: http://getrevising.co.uk/ it takes some time to make a schedule but after that it's REALLY useful.
  6. Your subjects look really interesting. Personally, I'm struggling but I'm also taking completely different subjects from you. Uhh I would consider thinking over Economics SL. Almost everyone does HL in our school and Business is not considered the strongest HL, but it really depends on your interests rather than where you want to go and what people think. All the best Make yourself proud
  7. You could also do the Indian economy. The structure and amount of government interference has changed a lot since 1947. It's become more liberal and more capitalistic in nature. Look it up. It might be easy to write about. There's a LOT to write. Any website on the economic history of India will help you.
  8. Hi, I've just started my History IA and I'm not sure what format do to the citations and footnotes in? I read somewhere that you need to use the Chicago Manual style but a lot of people use the Harvard bibliography style! Also, what format do you write the bibliography in? If there's a specific way, do let me know. Thanks!
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