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  4. Yeah I'm using these two books for my English A1 exam as well, I could use some good notes too
  5. You may want to mention that the poet uses literary devices such as enjambment; the last line of the first stanza drags on to the second stanza. Mention the diction, the speaker says "We stopped the Citroen at the turn of the lane," they could have parked, but they stopped, indicating spontaneity as if something happened, it builds tension. And so on and so on. Hope this helps
  6. Hello, My math studies IA is "Does your level of math influence your performance in mathematical games?" I've done tests with people with an easy puzzle and timed how fast they could do it, I also did the same thing with a tangram and a quick mental math test. Now when presenting the data I have a problem since i don't know how i should present it because one axis could be the time but what could the other axis be? I really need some HELP because I'm quite lost. What other tests should I do?? Thank you ))
  7. Hey, I was wondering what topics everybody is doing for their world literature 2 assignment. I heard it can be something creative but I don't really understand what the boundaries are and how creative you can be. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Alright, cool thanks a lot!!
  9. Hey, I'm going to have my TOK presentation in about two weeks and was wondering if this topic should do "The effect of the internet on music consumption" and how could I link this to TOK???
  10. Hey thanks so much for helping, both of you! I really appreciate it! I hope i passed my test
  11. Hello, I have a question about probability which i can't seem to figure out, here it is: 50 students go bushwalking. 23 get sunburnt, 22 get bitten by ants and 5 are both sunburnt and bitten by ants.A child is selected at random. Determine the probability that the child has: a) escaped being bitten B) was either bitten or sunburnt c) was neither bitten nor sunburnt d) was bitten, given that the student was sunburnt e) was sunburnt, given that the student was not bitten. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain this to me because I've been stuck on this for 3 hours and it's driving
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