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  1. Hey Arrowhead! It's been agesssss! Anyway, I had a question, in terms of beefing up your CV in anticipation of formal summer associate/vacation scheme programmes, what would you suggest I start stacking up on? I still very much want to practise law in the UK eventually, so my focus is there, although it is hard to do that since I'm so far removed from that system at the moment. I have some great opportunities to look forward to, but do you think doing an internship at a law firm in India would be enough? Or should I be trying to do something more 'interesting' like volunteering or othe
  2. Massive congratulations on your perfect, perfect score! It's great to know that Further Maths got remarked up for you, because with a subject like maths there's not usually a change there. I am in such awe! Thank YOU!!!! I was super duper happy about the increase. I was only ONE MARK away from the grade 7 boundary, I totally think the person remarking my paper just felt bad for me and gave me a mark.
  3. Ooh, that's a doozy. I didn't realise you weren't even studying History in the IB! You really have an uphill battle ahead of you! In my school, we aren't even allowed to do that, lol. Tbh, I don't think the question, even as I phrased it sounds like a great history EE topic. Not to me anyway in that I would never find something so obscure to write about myself. But different people have different interests is all. I defo think it's a workable EE topic, though. Go ahead with it if it's a topic you really like. I also suggest relying heavily on your EE supervisor to keep you on track in the
  4. Hello again! I think your new topic is certainly a debate, but I dunno if it sounds like much of a History essay. Like your question right now is literally going to be a debate between an individual and collective right. It's also really specific, which isn't a bad thing cause people are always, always told to narrow their topics more and more, but maybe, I mean, to me, it feels like this might just be like too narrow... You know, I think the best way to put it is that I think your topic is too limited i.e. your evidentiary basis are those hearings and debates between the Feds and Anti-Fe
  5. Got my remark yesterday after applying for it on July 10th - so in like 3 weeks-ish.
  6. Every school uses different rules for CAS. One thing some peers of mine at school did for Action (they weren't the Action-y types) was to make an early morning jogging group. Except nobody woke up to go jogging early morning. There were like 7-8 kids in this group and they all lived near to each other. One kid's dad was the assigned 'supervisor' and he signed off on the Action activity and these kids got their Action requirement fulfilled without actually doing anything.
  7. Hey! I think it depends on how you approach your essay and there is defo some fear that you might just end up writing a narration of historical affairs. The way I understand it, your essay structure is basically going to be you going like: "Federalists argued X and this brought about some change and then Anti-Federalists argued Y and this brought about this other change..." That's not the way an EE should be (again, assuming that this is how you plan to write your essay, I may have misunderstood your post above). My IB Coordinator told me something once regarding the EE that I think mi
  8. I think it differs from school to school and person to person. For me, IB1 was a breeze and IB2 was hell. Everything piles up in IB2. No matter how orgaised you are, or how much you try to stay on top of things, there is a LOT to get done in IB2.
  9. I had a friend in the same position as you. What helped her get back on track was sitting down and organising herself. I suggest doing the following: - Make a list in each subject of the areas that you're very weak in. Don't just think, "I'm weak in everything". If that is the case, then list all the major areas of the syllabus you've covered in IB1 and start with the ones you're completely lost with and move towards the one you're better with. - Allocate a set number of days per subject during your hols so you know to move on at the end of that period. - If you're in real trouble, deactivat
  10. Erudite

    PS for two subjects

    This is a general list of FAQs that I was directed to when I was first writing my PS and I thought it was super helpful at time! Hope you find some answers as well.
  11. Don't worry about it yet. I see that your exams are in May 2016, so you've just started the IB! I used to get super confused with all of that stuff also. Your teachers should explain the syllabus and breakdown of each subject you're taking at HL and SL. You can also ask your IB Coordinator for a copy of the syllabus for each of your subjects where everything is explained in a lot of detail including IA and exam descriptions and marks breakdowns, etc. I think you could even find those subject outlines/syllabi online if you googled them.
  12. You can also ask your IB Coordinator. My IBC once told me that all IBCs have access to a database of past papers.
  13. In my experience, Maths HL is not necessarily nightmare-inducing as some people would have you believe. You should defo have a love for it, for sure, but just like any mathematics course, the secret to succeeding in it is not much of a secret at all - practice! Constant, repetitive practice! In my school, lots of people take 4-5 HLs for the first one or two weeks of term and then depending on whichever HLs they like most, they drop the extra 1-2 to SL accordingly. Try 4 HLs out, if you can handle it, continue, if you can't, you can always drop one of them to SL. Challenge yourself a litt
  14. Hey! If anybody here has had experience with the remarking process for one or more of your subjects, how long did it take? Please and thank you!
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