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  1. The thing is that I think that you can write about anything really if you choose english cause that is what a teacher of mine said so talk to your english teacher and maybe see if you can write about film and then go from there =)
  2. I think that organizing and having a neat schedule helps a lot with the stress also taking a break once in a while helps.... like just to get away from it all =)
  3. ''Studiebidrag'' :') Most of the students get at least 165 dollars per month from the state but many like to spend so that isn't enough so they usually go to their parents or work at café's, McDonalds and other food chains and umm anywhere I guess since it's a bit difficult to get a job here in sweden when you are young and don't live in one of the big cities.
  4. Right now? I am listening to the black keys - Lonely boy ^.^' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV5OGh8D-ok Awesome song... makes me wanna dance
  5. People have bad days where they are concerned about different things... that might have been the case for him? I mean the school staff is usually very busy so I would suggest you wait till next time you see him and then go from that encounter perhaps? To relief from stress I do things that would distract me and make me feel better, that is usually watching a film or listening to music and doing nothing. Maybe you can find something that makes you relax and helps you find your happy place? Also try finding this one song that makes you feel better no matter how lame it is =) I know that people
  6. M.A


    Yeah it would be easier for me to learn the language if I would have spanish speaking people in my surroundings which I don't but not only that even if I meet fluent speakers I am very uncomfortable when speaking to them since I do feel like I make a fool out of myself. Will try to change that though! thanks for the tips!
  7. So I am simply wondering what you guys think is the best way to learn a new language or at least recall a language I used to speak spanish fluently as a child but stopped using it on a regular basis and now I understand some parts of it but my grammar is absolutely horrifying and my speaking is terrible. I just cannot formulate correct sentences anymore and for the past 2 weeks I have really been into learning the language again since I truly think that it is a beautiful language, I would like to know some of your tips and suggestions I guess
  8. Let's just hope that It doesn't... I seriously do not want to waste my last years in IB! Now on to a more serious answer... I think that north korea is lacking the resources needed to survive a world war but when it comes to support I think that there are some countries willing to support them in a war against the united states. But then again... some peoples bark is by far worse than their bites and I don't think that they would want to risk getting the majority of the countries against them.
  9. Granted but you will become depressed due to the lack of privacy I wish that I could get the money I need to study in Marbella
  10. Banned for not understanding the perfect timing to make a mean joke
  11. Granted but you will go back to the time of the dinosaurs and get stuck there I wish that people would stop being so sensitive
  12. Banned for thinking that I meant it when in reality it was just a joke
  13. Would you really like to throw a piece of art? M.A throws her Business book at Liszt cause it's the closest thing to her at the moment
  14. In my world it is But fine can i change in to stampers?
  15. Banned because both of you will fail them
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