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  1. Hello all Just started my Business IA (puke) and going through some of the IAs that have been done online and none of them got full marks for Criterion B—Choice and application of business tools, techniques and theory, so wanted to see what are the possible tools avalible Possible tools i can think of are SWOT analysis Product Portfolio Analysis Boston Matrix Madoff Matrix help people?
  2. Does anyone have a graded BM SL IA sample to show? for example anyone know if “Can Ford’s ‘Way Forward’ strategy work to rescue the company?" got a 7? Or does anyone have a sample of a 7 BM IA?
  3. Pure IB school, DP currently only has 14 people since our grade 12s are taking their final exams currently and will leave after that. My smallest class 1 - Physics HL BM SL - 3 Chiense A1 SL - 3 Math SL - 6 Art HL - 6 English A1 HL - 11 Our Class Music HL - 1 History SL - 1 Spanish Ab - 2 Math HL - 2 Art SL - 1 Math Studies - 7 Physics SL - 4 Bio HL - 2 Bio SL - 7 Chinese B HL - 3 Chinese B SL - 1 Chinese Ab - 3 Spanish B - 1 BM HL - 10 English SL - 3 TOK - 14 But our IB programme has only been opened for 3 years
  4. Hello I am currently taking English A1 HL and Chinese A1 SL and i've been wondering what are the benefits of a bilingual diploma? is it really needed and has anyone gotten any benefits out of the diploma? because doing two lanauages esp chiense is really hard.
  5. I Disagree here since its BM SL not HL, SL only requires secondary research
  6. Taking Chinese A and Englsih A here, if you don't mind reading 20 books (if both SL) or 24 books (both HL) then go for it
  7. instead of taking the SAT the ACT is better tiered for an IB student in my opinion because 1. Their questions are more striaght forward 2. You don't lose points for answering wrong 3. There is science so if your strong at science its a good choice But the thing with ACT is that you have to take the one with Essay within it to be able to apply for US unis also the results don't come back for 5-8 weeks unlike the SATs which comes out a lot faster
  8. can't you take film as a self-study course? our school offers that for languages such as korean and japanese and econ (school very small only have 11 grads this yr and one of them chose econ). It should be allowed
  9. November exams are for those in the southern hemisphere and May is for the northern hemisphere due to different seasons. They want everyone to finish right before summer starts. This is not just IB, it is almost all schools in these regions. Question banks are useful for reviewing topics and preparing for tests and exams because they have past paper questions from the IB, so they have the type of questions you should expect in the mock exams and in the IB exams. You can buy them from the IBO webstore or get them illegally somehow. I believe for Math SL you use the new syllabus that says for 20
  10. Then would these questions/ideas be okay? How can X failing smartphone venders revive in the smartphone market? How can X company stop losing Market Share? Is X decision to exit Europe justifiable? is X Aquisition of Y financial reasonable? Is X's product a good strategic way to enter the Y market?
  11. Can someone give some examples of topics for the business sl IA? Or does anyone know where there are good examples?
  12. Hello all i am currently doing English A1 SL with a 6 (our teacher won't give out 7s....) and doing poorly for Math HL, and i want to do engineering for college, should i get a higher grade with math SL and English HL or a lower grade with math HL and english SL
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