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  1. The discriminant of the function had to be = 0. I got that it could be any number except +2. It was something like (k-2)(k-2)=0 no, the discriminant had to be k>0, because the function has two distinct real roots.....so the answer is k>2 Yes discriminant greater than zero, it it is = 0 then the two root have the same value.
  2. k has two values when the discriminant of the quadratic function is greater than 0.
  3. I got not proportional too! What was your reason? In the first question of "prove that is not linear" I used two points. These same two point I used for the new equation with the square values of x. I divided Y values of the first point bu its squared x value, then did the same with a second point and compare the results. They were not the same so they where not proportional i guess
  4. I got it was not proportional but not sure about it
  5. I think they are going to be up. Quite an easy exam if you revised well..
  6. For paper 2 I choose question 6 for section B. Someone rembembers in the collision was elastic or ineleastic?
  7. We all have that horrible habit, I am taking the official ib exams this november (in 15 days). I am very nervous i though of leaving the ib too. But in the end i think it help me a lot. Procastination is really a hard habit to fight with, but my recommendation for you is that you should start little by little, read something about the subject you want everyday, like one chapter of a couple pages. That will help you to understand and be more prepared. What i did this finall weeks , was give my cellphone to my parents, that took me a lot of time, like text-messaging and all that. Just a little e
  8. Well, i don't think that's possible. I was in the HL math classroom all my first year of IB-DP but the all of my second years i was in the right classrooms that corresponded to my subjects and levels chosen. Ask your ib coordinator.
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