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  1. x(t)= A cos(wt+b) v(t)= -wA sin(wt+b) a(t)= -w^2A cos(wt+b) from SHM
  2. As we know, one of the hardest parts to get high marks on is evaluation. I have done many practices and never received high marks on any of them, even if I have a markscheme with me when doing it ! I guess it's not just the content that we have to write, but maybe some of our opinion as well to 'personalize' it to make a perfect paper. The markscheme only provides suggestion on points and scopes in which candidates can write about, but it doesn't ensure the quality of an effective argument. Does anyone have any examples of how a good evaluation look like in a real exam paper? (or maybe a high
  3. Many useful advice !! good luck man!
  4. I was trying to solve some problems in year 2000 paper 1, and couldn't do it so I checked the markscheme; the graph that students needs to draw was too hard to do it without a calculator. Was GDC allowed for paper 1 from the older syllabus ?
  5. The reasons why I chose to do Physics originally is because I didn't have to memorize names of different kinds of cell like in Biology. Physics has always been easy to me since I could normally survive the class by learning "concepts". However it seems like IB Physics isn't designed to be that way. Does anybody has any tips on memorizing definitions of Newton's Laws, Emf, flux, entropy...and the other 9999 terms on the syllabus?
  6. Okay, thank you Rahul and B.E.P ! This means that it is the raw score out of 20 (for the IA) that counts. Now I think I understand.
  7. I meant 6 in the overall grade. Do you happen to know it? And also, if I get a 7 in the IA does that mean I will then have 20% in my grade before I even take the final exam?
  8. How much does the IA count towards our final IB grade? and also how much (in percentage) do I have to get in order to score a 6?
  9. Does anyone know where can I find example of high scoring english paper 1 essay? I couldn't find it anywhere in the internet. I saw it in this site though, but you need to be a VIP member in order to be able to download it, and I can't really know that the papers here (http://www.ibsurvival.com/files/category/19-sample-essays/) are the high scoring one or not. Please help. I have read many tips and techniques but those don't really help me. What I really want is an actual paper that will allow me to understand how the content/analysis develop.
  10. Is there any list that tells us about which theory we need to know how to prove for the final exam? Some of these theory are quite complex and require memorization. ...Or do we just have to memorize them all?
  11. I just received a conditional offer from college which requires me to get at least a 6 on Math HL ;(. But I feel very discouraged every time when studying because I have never scored high on the exam at school. I have this Math HL book by Haese & Haris but I really have no idea on how to approach all the topics. Does anyone have any suggestion? For example, go through the book first for one chapter and then do past paper on that specific topic, or go through all the content in the book and do past papers once I finish the book. Any idea that works for you guys??
  12. Is there any good book for this subject? What kind of materials do you guys use to study for the exam? Sometimes when I look at the syllabus and go on the internet there seems to be too many things to memorize. Does anyone have a specific website that contains all the information needed for us to know for the IB exam?
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