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  1. Film: The Anchorman When: Yesterday
  2. While I was working I thought about it and I know in Canada the government gives an amount of money to a program by the number of students and the problem is probably the money and I thought I could try with the others to raise money for the program and maybe revive it. I want to know what you think of it and your idea, thanks
  3. Not really, there is another program but you need to have like 90% in French. Even if I was good in French the deadline for the inscriptions is like tomorrow
  4. IB was the only way to go to an university outside of quebec
  5. I know it's not the end of the world, but the ****ty province I am currently living (province of Quebec) is ****ed up. The Quebec is full of separatist and they're so scared of the rest of Canada and U.S, all the pre-university programs are made that we can't leave Quebec and if we want to go to university we must stay in Quebec, so I will never be able to get the **** out of that socialist hole and realise my dreams.
  6. there's no AP in my ****ing ****ty province
  7. WTF!!! I am so ****ing angry right now, I worked so hard to be accepted in the IB diploma, I was accepted, I was supposed to be in the IB diploma next year, I was so ****ing happy but the school called me tonight to tell me the IB program was cancelled. Not enough inscriptions !!! All my motivation is gone, I would almost like to drop out school (but I wont do it, I'm not retarded).
  8. I have writing exam tomorrow what should I do to be totally prepared
  9. I meant writing, not handwriting sorry thank you
  10. I've recently been accepted in the IB program for next year... At one condition, I get more than 75% in writing (it's gonna be an opinion text 600 words). I'm especially bad in grammar, do you have any tips to improve my writing in french? I currently have an average of 57% in french My exam is next week.
  11. but what is the "more content" do u see M-theory, string theory... ?
  12. Hi, I recently got accept in the IB diploma program, I will begin the program next year. But was looking at the courses and they don't offer Physics HL , only SL. Currently physics is my favorite class and I find it sad, but what is the difference between SL and HL? I really love physics, I would like to become physicist.
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