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  1. What were questions 2 & 3 for drama?? Sorry I don't exactly remeber, but I think q2 was about presence/absence of narrator/chorus's comments and their effect in "finding the meaning" of the play. q3 was about short/long time frames or something like that. Note that I'm TZ1, the TZ2 questions are different.
  2. He doesn't have to actually do the IB Diploma but he does need to know the content from HL Math, HL Further Math and HL Physics for the first semester of first year. Could you read my updated post and the questions I asked Emmi? I would love to get more opinions to help out my friend who is really stressed out as he wants to do petroleum engineering but is completely lost in it all. Learning the content is definitely possible albeit difficult. Note that I'm assuming your friend has done some high school graduate level courses, that is, he should at least know stuff like pre-calculus. HL math
  3. Finishing the diploma in three months is simply impossible, even if your friend have learned all the material. It is already past the registration deadline for Nov 2014 exams and the submission deadline for TOK, extended essay, and in-school external assessment components.
  4. A strong backpack large enough for your laptop should be enough, although I usually carry an extra bag for all the books as they won't all fit in my backpack. I broke four backpacks and two bags during my two years in IB...
  5. I like maths and I want my future career to be about it, so I took HL+further. I'm not talented in languages and humanities, but I have no choice in these subjects (small school) so I took all of them at SL. Anyone with a decent idea about variety (in both ability and interest) won't discriminate against you only because you took studies. Other than this point, yii yann's said it all. Regarding the usefulness of mathematics... Title text: The only things you HAVE to know are how to make enough of a living to stay alive and how to get your taxes done. All the fun parts of life are optional.
  6. Yes, but make sure to include enough mathematics, say examples like caesar shift/substitution would not contain much mathematics, while the "amount of mathematics" in examples like Enigma and RSA would largely depend on how detailed you go into them.
  7. That sounds extremely similar to this example. It got 15/20 for the SL criteria, with 6/6 for use of mathematics for SL, so you should be fine as long as your work isn't too similar to this one so that ibo won't think you plagiarized (after all this example is on their official website) and you do include as much math as the author to this one did. You should probably work with the other criteria though, you could find the detailed marks here.
  8. The hypergeometric distribution isn't even in the syllabus, but for the multivariate hypergeometric distribution, given a population of , a sample size of , a number of "types" of objects of , the types denotes , with objects for each type, where and Thus for your problem, You can't add the probabilities because they are not mutually exclusive events, so if you add them together given another case (for your case the result is less than 1) the probability would be greater than 1. You can't directly multiply the probabilities because that way you would be counting each of the cases multi
  9. “When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails” (Abraham Maslow). How might this apply to ways of knowing, as tools, in the pursuit of knowledge? That was probably the only pleasant surprise I had, never thought I'd get an A.
  10. 289 downloads

    Explorationibs: the exploration I did for IB, got 17/20 (unmoderated) with full marks on use of mathematics and mathematical presentation Projectibs: a project done for another class, but did it according to the IB rubrics, should include all necessary components although personal engagement and reflection is most probably lacking a bit, and this one is actually about IB!
  11. 43% here! I guessed on most of them (except for the dead presidents one as I mysteriously remember that from some random source, the years one, and the number of states one), I'm starting to think if the website takes your IP and gives you 43% if you're not in US and the correct value if you're in US... just joking. Apparently you get at least one correct (the greatest country one), so I'm wondering which 5 we got correct out of the remaining 13...
  12. It's the 15th of two months before your actual exams, so March 15th for May and Sept 15th for Nov sessions.
  13. Yes, I think that's why. As ctrls said, vectors is not multivariable calculus, vector calculus is multivariable calculus. If you assume the former, then you could also say that a 9th grade course that introduces students of Cartesian coordinate system introduces them to calculus. Again, as I said, universities usually don't require you to know calculus based physics, although it'd be nice to know some. Universities do give transfer credit for HLs, but they are (usually) smart enough to give you credit for the corresponding course (eg. introductory calculus and before that for math HL, non-calc
  14. HL math doesn't teach you multivariable calculus. I don't think (at least most) universities would require you to know calculus based physics. Yes, IB isn't that advanced, and it does no harm to learn some more advanced stuff on yourself/through AP or other systems, but it's not like the other subjects are THAT advanced (in comparison to physics) either.
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