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  1. Hi guys, i was wondering does anyone know where to find a conversion from IB grades to A-Level grades? I achieved 31 for the IB and would like to know an estimated A-level equivalent thanks in advance for any help Tony
  2. Well, our class found that the paper 1 was terrible, but nothing was worse than that paper 2 :/ But to add insult to injury, paper 3 astrophysics was not too bad, while particle physics was completely terrible.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/RickParina/playlists watch these videos and you will get a 7 !! they are awesome Thanks, but i have finished my exam a while ago, but may take look to relive those IB physics days
  4. This looks very good, will have to have a closer look it's only some specific things I'm looking for, but thanks
  5. Thank you very much, that list is very good, i will research tomorrow and try to make a definition list thanks for your help
  6. I am doing lots of past papers for paper 1, 2 and 3. I can mark them, but dont know what grade the marks equate to, (i dont mean grade boundaries combining papers 1, 2 and 3 but those would be useful too if anyone knew them. Even if someone could make some generic boundaries up so i know where the marks equate to as a level thanks Tony
  7. Thanks JonR, it's good to have final confirmation, thank you. Do you happen to have or know where the Nov 2013 markscheme can be found??
  8. Ok, thank you, didn't know about this thread, it will definitely be useful, thanks But do you know anywhere for the laws, e.g. Newton's 3rd law is the equal opposite one and his 1st is the state of inertia
  9. I am planning to make revision cards for these laws, but there are so many! Newton's but also those of others if possible, thanks guys. Tony
  10. I dont think Lenin counts as a dictator, it's not on the syllubus. Plus I've only done Mao, Hitler and Stalin. But Koura, you must be a hard worker to have done all those dictators and made good notes like the ones you kindly provided,
  11. Yeah, i agree Blindpet, because experiments are experimental studies, but not all studies are as highly controlled as experiments. Thanks, I only chose Bartlett because I know the study much better than loftus,
  12. I am a visual learner and I do like those things, but even if i didn't, how could I complain when you're being kind enough to give me the notes? But yes, thank you. Physics HL is a pain, but the theory is enjoyable (I'm not doing too well at it,) math studies is so simple, nearly all the topics are from higher level GCSE and I was ok with it back then and better now, i have more of an understanding than in GCSE. I've been getting consistent 6s or 7s at math studies. One question, does Lenin count as a dictator? I asked in another thread but someone said no because he's not on authoritarian sta
  13. but it may be important if I'm doing a question on research methods and I'm trying to explain a lab experiment,
  14. Ok, thank you so very much and after you've uploaded it, i will take a look and send you my notes on China, they're extensive, will obviously need to cut down for dead needed facts for the exam but they're a start. Thanks I agree, Mao is my only non-Western dictatorship. I bet yours are Stalin and Hitler?? well, mine are hahahha But i honestly like the non-western state too, it's interesting history, a bit harder to understand, but in many aspects it's similar to Stalin's dictatorship. Similar but also in many ways different Glad my question has allowed you to revise China Feel so bad for
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